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Drain Services in Sandy, UT We've been in business since 1972! Our commitment has always been to supply the very highest service at a competitive price. You have possibly seen us on TV, in the yellow pages and newspapers, on the Internet, or in your neighborhood. We're different than a wealth of the other firms out there today, We give free phone quotes, some other firms won't give you a quote on the phone, they will tell you they have a truck in the area and will have someone stop by and give you an estimate, then they will try and pressure you to do the job then, at an outrageous price.

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Electric Drain & Sewer Rooter
read moreAt Electric Drain & Sewer Rooter, Inc., we can solve all of your plumbing problems. We have been in business since 1972 and offer over 40 years of experience in residential and commercial plumbing. We specialize in sewer and drain cleaning and excellent plumbing services for homes and businesses. We perform everyday maintenance as well as emergency repairs. We provide free phone quotes, and no salesman will ever call you. Do you want your plumbing system to run as cleanly and efficiently as possible?
Salt Lake Plumbing & Drain
read moreWhatever your plumbing needs are, we can handle it! Our fleet trucks are stocked with parts and drain cleaning equipment, including hydro jet cleaning systems powerful enough to melt tar in drains and thaw frozen drains in minutes. So whether you need a bathroom tub faucet repaired, or a sewer line cleaned, give us a call for experienced service and low prices. We have a large assortment of jet cleaners. ROOTX is a nonsystemic, patented chemical root control formula. This means it only kills the roots it contacts, not the tree or plant.
Home Plumber
read moreOur services extend across the entire Salt Lake Valley, which means that no matter where you are: we can be onsite right away. Our expert plumbing technicians can help you. Whether you're doing maintenance or have an emergency, you can rest assured knowing that Electric Rooter Plumbing is near and ready to answer your call!
Salt Lake
read moreOur modern pump trucks can tackle any job. Our high-powered vacuum pumper has a capacity of 2,300 gallons, and our experienced technicians have the knowledge to help you with any problem. Try our fast and clean service for your oil, mud, grease, car wash sumps, septic system, holding tank, or canyon vaults. We do not just skim the surface; we take it all, scrape the sides, and wash it down. Need your septic system serviced? We offer drainfield restoration for your septic system. This involves professional tank pumping and cleaning, followed by locating the drainfield, cleaning the lines, and any other procedures that may be necessary.
Salt Lake
read moreThe process of hydro jet servicing is quite similar to that of power washing. It is a method of high quality cleaning with high pressure streams of water. Hydro jets have plenty of applications in the world of plumbing, as they are able to efficiently clean out buildups of gunk and debris in pipes and water lines. These hydro jets are immensely powerful and are able to do what they do because of the ultra-high water pressure that they are able to produce. Using one for your storm or sanitary pipes will enable you to get rid of contaminants that may be festering because of buildup on the pipe walls.
read moreImproper plumbing can lead to larger and larger problems, such as an abundance of wasted water, higher risks of water contamination, low-quality drinking water, and frequent leakage that can lead to water damage in the rest of your home. For this reason, it's best to leave the issues of your plumbing to a licensed professional who can ensure quality. It's also best to handle these issues right away, as the problems will only get worse, and more difficult to fix, if left unattended for too long!
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