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Dance School in Tempe, AZ Welcome to Dance FX Studios, the only Arizona dance studio that focuses purely on social dancing! Since 2001, we currently have created 1000's of confident and comfortable social dancers through private dance lessons in all of the most popular styles including Argentine Tango, Salsa, Swing, Ballroom, Country Western and so much more. We currently have had the pleasure of choreographing 100's of 1st dances for wedding couples Valley- huge.

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Dance FX
read moreDance FX is great place to learn! My husband and I wanted to learn Latin dancing for date nights. Sierra is an awesome instructor! Very patient, friendly, knowledgeable. She makes the learning experience fun and at the same time she is meticulous, so I am confident she will help us look great on the dance floor Thank you Sierra! I made a last minute decision to take dance lessons to prepare me for a father and daughter dance for my daughter's wedding. I called Dance FX Studios at my friend's suggestion and am so pleased that I did!
About Dance FX Studios in Arizona
read moreWhat makes Dance FX Studios unique? We are glad to tell you! Have you ever been to a ballroom dance studio to become a more confident social dancer and been taught a dance that you will NEVER use out socially? Your plan was to look good at the Country bars around Phoenix or at that upcoming wedding and yet you are being shown outdated dances and steps that no one does anymore. This never did make much sense to us. Dance FX Studios was founded in 2001 to solve the problem of how to become a confident and comfortable social dancer and to offer Arizona residents a fresh perspective on social ballroom dancing.
Adult Group Class Calendar
read moreLet us show you how! Through a combination of Private Lessons, Group Classes, Socials, and Parties with us at Dance FX Studios, you will be able to confidently conquer any Social dance floor. We will give you practical dance moves that work in small spaces, like the crowded dance floors you will find around town. We will teach you how to navigate tight spaces with ease, and while having fun! We take the thinking out of dance and help you to work smart and not hard as you learn to dance. Where to start?
Private Dance Lesson Programs
read moreTo become a comfortable social dancer, Private Dancing Lessons are the key! One-on-one time will allow us to focus on your specific needs and goals, helping you to get out on the dance floor that much quicker. Here's what Dance FX Studios' offers beyond your New Student Offer. Dance FX Studios' Foundation Program: After your introductory dance lessons, we'll continue with hour-long lessons where we begin laying a solid foundation in up to four social dances of your choice. This is where the fun really begins!
Learn About Country Dance Music
read moreAs you begin exploring Country dancing here in Phoenix through private and group dance lessons and by going out dancing, you can use the list below to assist you in identifying popular songs and distinguishing tempos between each of the Country dances. The Country Two Step, for example, will be a bit slower than the music that is played while dancing the Country Swing. The Country Waltz is even slower in tempo and has a unique beat. Use the songs below as practice music while you are getting started with Country dance lessons.
Wedding Dance Videos from Outrageous
read moreDance FX Studios has choreographed thousands of first dances since 2001 for Arizona brides and grooms. Enjoy a sampling of Dance FX Studios' one-of-a-kind first dance, bridal party and special occasion dance choreography with video that we have taken over the years. For more videos of wedding choreography by Dance FX Studios as well as special event footage, please visit our YouTube channel. It was so much fun. We loved every minute. Even on days when we weren't in the mood her energy completely changed us around (and she put up with my husband's crankiness and frustration with such grace it would make anyone who knows him proud).
Semi-Private Dance Lesson FAQ's
read moreHow long is each class? Each class is 50 minutes in length including a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down for practice and review. Accommodations can be made for longer class times. Do I need a dance partner for the classes? Please organize your group in a way that everyone has someone to dance with, especially for partner dances including Salsa, Swing, Country Two Step, Tango and Ballroom. Your instructor can dance with an extra person, however, that would take away from his/her ability to move freely and help the rest of the class.
Wedding Dance Song for You and
read moreHow do you set the perfect tone for your first dance? With the perfect song, of course! From romantic to exciting, passionate, dramatic or fun, we have thousands of great wedding dance songs for you to choose from in your hour-long wedding dance consultation to compliment your first dance. Here are a few of our current favorites (although we have many more that we absolutely love). From Country to Rock to your favorite classic hits, we will find you the best first dance music to give your guests a dance to remember.
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