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Dance School in Houston, TX Start Ballroom dance lessons today and join the craze that's sweeping the Nation! Everywhere you go, Ballroom dance and Latin dance is there. From weddings, to quinceaneras, to night clubs, to socials, and even TV. Yes, everyone, from 3 to 103 can take advantage of the many benefits of Ballroom dance lessons mind, body and soul -- of this beautiful form of dance. New moves, new music, new friends, what's not to love? The new Ballroom dance studio facility features a beautiful, competition-size dance floor created using an advanced sprung dance floor system which makes it feel soft and cushiony, like you're dancing on air. In addition, the ballroom dance studio boasts a state-of-the-art sound system and an air and filtration system which takes air quality into high consideration. In addition, we will provide a variety of special amenities such as showers, vending machines, and an adjacent dancewear store for all your ballroom dance attire needs. The spacious ballroom dance studio offers multiple dance and fitness classes and a number of social dance parties where you can practice what you learn in dance class

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11758 Southwest Fwy
Houston, TX
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Children Dance Lessons
read moreStarting Ballroom dance lessons at a young age has many benefits. First, it involves children in a productive activity which they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Second, this activity releases youth's excess energy in a constructive manner (would you rather your child watch TV or do some dancing?). Third, it provides children with a community of their peers, with whom they socialize and interact in a positive, respectful manner
Adult Dance Lessons
read moreGroup dance lessons are an affordable and fun way for beginners to learn to dance. By learning in a group, you can make many new friends and maybe even find a special partner. Plus, the opportunity to dance with different partners allows you to understand the art of social dance as well as competitive dance. Don't wait, join our dance classes now and have fun!
Private Ballroom Dance Lessons
read moreTaking private dance lessons is very beneficial for students. In addition to taking group dance classes , private dance lessons are a great way to get more individualized attention . Think of a private dance lesson as a combination of tutoring and a personal trainer. In private dance lessons instructors have the ability to adjust teaching methods to better suit your individual needs and closely monitor your performance to address any concerns. Contact us to schedule your private dance lesson today!
read moreJoin our easy and fun fitness classes! These classes are designed and scheduled to provide you with necessary workout that fits your busy everyday schedule. We invite you to stretch in yoga class and energize with fun and upbeat Zumba.


Jenn J.
read moreThe instructors are the best! They are so friendly, they take their time with you and they are very thorough. You will be getting high quality comprehensive lessons from them. They do not cut corners. Everything they teach will be useful whether your goal is to be able to dance at clubs, competitions, or just for the fun of taking a class.

The facilities are very spacious and clean. They keep a very full calendar with affordable group lessons. I strongly recommend you give them a try.
read moreWow! What a beautiful facility. It is brand new, cool, large ballroom floor, 2 nice practice rooms with mirrors. Floors are super! Personnel are quite warm, helpful and very knowledgeable to the things of Ballroom dance ; technique, form, clothing, shoes, training; it's all here! If you're within an hours drive, you are very lucky to know of this new and wonderful venue! I encourage everyone; from a newby to Masters of dance to get involved at DanceSport Club, Houston! You'll grow so many ways.


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Dances we teach at DanceSport Club
read moreAt DanceSport Club we have experienced and knowledgeable dance instructors that can teach you a variety of dances in different genres. Whether you want to be comfortable at social dance, perform at showcase or even participate in dance competition, we are here to help. This style of Tango originated in the streets and salons of Buenos Aires and is characterized by its passionate hold and complex leg and foot movements. Merengue is a fun, fast and easy dance made up of simple steps, originated in the Dominican Republic.
FREE dance lesson in Houston and
read moreWhether your goal is not to fall flat on your face at social dances, looking good during your Wedding First Dance or using dance to keep fit, DanceSport Club is here to work with you to meet your goals. Let's meet to create a plan that is custom made for you. Free consultationincludes a dance lesson. However you will also dance or exercise to determinewhere you are now and how we can get you where you would like to be. Average length is approximately 30 min. We will have a recommendation of private dance lessons, group classes, practices etc that, in our opinion, would help you reach your goals in the most effective manner.
Holiday Dance Showcase at DanceSport
read moreWe will be showcasing talented dancers of all kind. We will have beginner students who are currently taking group classes and move advanced dancers who are polishing their moves in private lessons. In these coming months they will be learning new dances, for some, it will be their first show ever! Thus, please cheer all performers well. On your side, no dance experience necessary. For those that already know how to dance we will have some social dance time between performances and after the show is over.
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