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Plastic Surgery in Miami Beach, FL We present ourselves to the world in a pretty package - our skin. When it glows with the vibrancy of youth, it communicates a sense of health and well-being. But life takes a toll on our skin, and by our teens, it starts to show signs of the aging process. Over time, we see changes in the skin's textures, firmness and elasticity due to both the environment and our distinctive genetic makeup. Where once our skin was smooth, soft, and supple, as we age, uneven color, brown and red spots, fine lines and deep wrinkling begin to transform our appearance.

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Diane Walder
read moreOur Laser & Energy Procedures safely rejuvenate the skin and remedy problem areas all over the body. Learn more about reducing wrinkles through our various laser and energy devices. In the fight against aging, many people are turning to non-invasive skin tightening treatments. Ultherapy is a revolutionary non-invasive procedure that New Beauty has recognized as the gold standard for nonsurgical skin lifting and tightening. We sat down with Dr. Lucy Chen, FAAD of Diane Walder Dermatology by Riverchase to give.
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read moreFat reduction is one of the most requested cosmetic treatments. Even people who have been successful in losing weight often struggle with isolated "problem areas" of fat, which do not respond to diet and exercise. The good news is that there are now effective, non-surgical solutions available for resolving these problem areas and improving overall body contouring. Our office in Miami is the first in the area to offer the new and more powerful FDA-approved treatment for unwanted body fat. Ultrashape Power is an easy, comfortable, and effective procedure that uses a sound wave to permanently destroy subcutaneous fat cells and reduce overall circumference.
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