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Chiropractor in Thornton, CO Throughout our life, starting at childhood, every rough and tumble activity we do puts stress on our bodies. Think of your spine like a blank painters canvass, with each fall, accident, sports injury of repetitive task we do, another little black mark is added to that canvass. By the time we grow up, that canvass looks like an abstract piece of art, with numerous marks everywhere. When we're young, we recover speedily because we build muscle speedily and remain active. Even though the true damage is done, that damage is re-enforced with muscle.

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Dr Ed Kahn
read moreMile High Spine & Pain Center provides patients in the Westminster and Broomfield area with a wide range of services in one convenient, comfortable office. By combining non-surgical medical procedures, individualized dynamic and isometric exercise, spinal manipulation, dry-needling techniques and stem cell therapy to achieve previously unheard of results, even with patients who have been told they cannot be helped. At Mile High Spine & Pain Center, we use a "state of the art" integrative, non-surgical approach to treating the spine and joints, based on all of the most current research.
About Us
read moreOur Physical Medicine program is in-network with major medical plans in including Medicare and we have reasonable self-pay rates. We are soft-tissue specialists, offering medical treatment for muscle pain as well as physical therapy techniques including dry-needling. Mile High Spine and Pain Center is an integrated medical model that is the future of medicine. Imagine the benefits of a medical staff working along side chiropractors, and practitioners of physical therapy! We have brought together specialists, diagnostic tools, extensive examination and cutting edge treatment methods to be used together to provide you with the most comprehensive and all-encompassing plan of care specific to your condition and symptoms.
Auto Injury
read moreIt only takes one careless moment to leave drivers and their passengers in pain for the rest of their lives. If you have been in an auto accident, come in for an evaluation at our clinic as soon as possible after the accident. Waiting weeks or months could leave you suffering with compressed discs, developing bone spurs, and whiplash. The emergency responders that arrive on the scene of the accident will stabilize all parties and recommend them to seek medical attention. If the initial exam does not show signs of a concussion or internal injuries, that should not mean that you simply head home.
Non-Narcotic Pain Management
read moreAny injury to the skin, nerves, or spine can lead to chronic pain that interrupts your daily life. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain due to conditions like Fibromyalgia that arise without a sudden shock or injury. When pain and uncomfortable nerve sensations keep you awake at night or make it hard to spend time with your family, it is time to seek treatment. Mile High Spine & Pain Center provides numerous pain management options and alternatives to risky and addictive pain medications.
Chiropractic Care
read moreChiropractors provide natural, drugless, non-surgical health treatments and rely on the body's inherent recuperative abilities. As Chiropractic Physicians, we typically diagnose and treat patients whose health problems are associated with the body's muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems. In your treatment protocol, we incorporate the use of physiologic therapies like ultrasound, electrical nerve stimulation and traction. We may also recommend changes in your lifestyle, incorporation of exercise, nutrition and postural programs.
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