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Dentist in Santa Barbara, CA Southern California's most comfortable cosmetic dentistry experience awaits you courtesy of Santa Barbara dentist, Dr. Mark T. Weiser. Your smile is your silent partner, your individual signature. The blueprint for your new natural smile starts with Dr. Weiser and his professional cosmetic dental staff. It is our pleasure to serve all of your general and cosmetic dental requirements. You will find the best combination of elegant design, customized care and great dental healthcare with Dr. Weiser. Cosmetic dentistry appointments in our Santa Barbara.

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read moreAfter three decades in dentistry, Dr. Mark T. Weiser is an experienced, caring and forward-looking professional. An author, lecturer, and recognized leader in the field of cosmetic and laser and ozone dentistry, Dr. Weiser is a pioneer of innovative techniques in the uses of lasers, ozone and air abrasion for "drill-free" dentistry. His approach of healthy mouth/healthy body concept, sees the tie in between the health of your mouth and your overall body health. Dr. Weiser offers a wide range of dental services, including: cosmetic, laser, biologically safe, snoring and sleep apnea therapies as well as, general preventive care.
Periodontal Services in Santa Barbara
read moreAt the Santa Barbara, CA dental office of Weiser & Grant Dentistry, gum disease prevention is a priority and part of our preventative oral care regimen. Dr. Weiser's and Dr. Grant's care philosophy is based on the connection between the mouth and the body. In addition to helping patients prevent gum disease, we also offer periodontal treatments to help those who already have signs and symptoms of gum disease. Gum disease is a big problem in the current day and age and it often goes undiagnosed and untreated.
Professional Teeth Whitening in
read moreWith Dr. Mark Weiser and Dr. Lance Grant, whitening teeth is easy. There's no easier way to get a younger, fresher looking smile than by taking years of stain off of your teeth. You will look and feel fabulous. Weiser & Grant Dentistry will achieve a lighter natural shade adding vibrance and youth to your appearance. The procedure is painless and harmless when administered by the top caliber professionals Dr. Weiser and Dr. Grant. You will love your bright new smile after one simple treatment. If you are interested in getting whiter teeth, there are a lot of options.
Want Better Sleep Quality
read moreFor many patients, a custom-fitted Oral Appliance prevents snoring. By gently advancing your lower jaw forward and creating an open airway for your throat, it eliminates the vibrations that cause snoring. The use of a custom fitted Oral Appliance is the best solution because it solves the underlying cause of snoring by opening up restricted airways. Yet it is non-invasive, travel friendly and the comfortable option that really works. Clinical studies have shown our Oral Appliances work well for treatment of snoring.
Treatments for Sleep Apnea
read morePeople wouldn't normally think that their dentist would be the person to discuss snoring with but there are customized oral appliances that can help with snoring. Snoring could be a by-product of sleep apnea and in mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea, an oral appliance available from your dentist could be the answer to your snoring problem. In addition to snoring, sleep apnea could be interfering with your ability to get a good night's sleep. You might not realize this but you could be gasping to breathe dozens or even hundreds of times per night and this might be doing more than keeping your spouse awake at night.
Porcelain Veneers in Santa Barbara
read moreIf you want a smile makeover, porcelain veneers could be the quickest way to a perfect-looking Hollywood smile. Veneers are razor thin slices of porcelain permanently bonded to the front and sides of your teeth. They look perfect in every way (shape and color). When expertly crafted, Veneers elegantly solve a number of smile problems, covering gaps and spaces, improving symmetry, covering stains, and of course providing a dazzling white smile. At our Santa Barbara, CA cosmetic dentistry practice, we specialize in porcelain veneers and more.
Teeth Cleaning with top Dental
read moreTeeth cleaning, done twice a year, is highly recommended as part of your oral care regimen whether you have signs of dental problems or not. Whether you are interested in basic teeth cleaning services or are interested in whiter teeth, Weiser & Grant Dentistry in Santa Barbara can help. In addition to providing cosmetic dentistry, we also offer a variety of general dentistry services including teeth cleaning. A clean mouth can help minimize stains, minimize tooth decay, can help prevent halitosis, and can help you avoid periodontal problems, too.
Dental Implants in Santa Barbara
read moreDental Implants are the perfect solution to tooth loss and a great way to get rid of your dentures. Implants look, feel and function like natural teeth. They are used to replace individual missing teeth, or they can support bridgework or dentures. Once placed, they help to preserve bone and allow the patient to exert greater biting forces. Santa Barbara restorative and cosmetic dentists Dr. Mark T. Weiser and Dr. Lance Grant have extensive experience in this area of dentistry. The best way to determine whether or not this is the right decision for you is to book a consultation to discuss it.
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