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Driveway & Paving Company in South Bend, IN When Jack Euratte and Richard Bedwell built an asphalt plant adjacent to a stone quarry in Muncie, Indiana in 1967, they likely weren't thinking of their new firm, E&B Paving, as a supplier of world-class solutions. Nor did they possibly have any idea their hand-drawn corporate mascot, Little Jake, would grow to be such a giant in the state's construction industry. They simply delivered outstanding asphalt paving services to clients throughout Northeast Indiana. From this humble beginning, E&B Paving has enjoyed a rich corporate history. Some historical highlights:

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read moreWith more than 1,000 full-time and seasonal employees, thousands of pieces of equipment, 12 area offices, 19 permanent asphalt plants and a broad range of transportation construction solutions, there's a lot we can tell you about us.and even more that satisfied E&B customers could say as well. Explore this section of our website for highlights of how we became the contractor of choice for hundreds of public sector and private industry customers. Contact any E&B office and we'll be happy to tell you even more about us, answer your questions, and demonstrate how we can support your needs and exceed your expectations with our specialized world-class solutions.
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read moreSince our founding in 1967, E&B Paving has provided commercial businesses with world-class pavement solutions that help them make the right first impression. Not only do we construct asphalt and concrete parking lots, curbs and sidewalks, but we also offer maintenance services to keep them visually attractive and structurally sound. Download our flyer to learn more about E&B Paving's maintenance services.
read moreMore E&B customers are now exploring cement-based concrete pavement options. Concrete pavement technologies have come a long way in recent years and it is certainly no longer a "one size fits all" type of market. Today's concrete pavement types include: Conventional PCCP (Portland Cement Concrete Pavement), RCC (Roller-Compacted Concrete), environmentally-focused pervious concrete that helps reduce storm water runoff erosion, Econocrete pavement, and PCCP overlay. E&B has two stationary concrete plants, as well as portable concrete batch plants, that can handle such projects as interstates, airport runways, commercial and industrial dolly pads, residential and commercial development streets, parking lots, curbs and many other applications.
read moreToday, we have 19 stationary INDOT-certified hot mix asphalt plants throughout Indiana, each equipped with accredited testing facilities staffed by certified quality control technicians. E&B's asphalt paving services include construction, resurfacing, milling, recycling and more. Your E&B Paving expert can tell you more about our broad range of asphalt solutions that will help you succeed in your project objectives.
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