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Driveway & Paving Company in Gresham, OR Asphalt removal and replacement is often the most efficient form of asphalt repair. It consists of several important steps to assure that the repair is performed properly. The perimeter(s) of the area(s) to be repaired are sawcut to enhance both appearance and compaction. Once the decayed asphalt is removed and deposited at an authorized dump site, the stone base is compacted to ensure a solid foundation for the repair. A tack primer is then applied to the edges of the perimeters to ensure proper bonding of the bituminous asphalt mix.

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1702 Northwest Eleven Mile Avenue
Gresham, OR
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Eastside Paving
read moreWe are a full-service Portland paving and asphalt paving company, specializing municipal and commercial paving throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our team services Portland Metro area including Portland, Gresham, Hillsborough, Beaverton, Vancouver, West Linn, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, Hood River, White Salmon, the Columbia Gorge Area and many other places around Oregon. Our expert Portland paving team is even available for paving and excavating in areas outside of Portland such as Eugene, Salem, Hood River, and White Salmon.
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read moreEast Side Paving in Portland OR has been offering asphalt paving, seal coating, asphalt repairs, and excavating in Portland OR for years. Our team of expert pavers has layed thousands of miles of asphalt around Oregon and Washington. Stay tuned for more information and details about our asphalt paving and excavation history soon!
Portland Excavation from East Side
read moreWhen we say East Side Paving offers full service, we mean it! We have experienced grading and excavating crews who can provide the prep work required on your paving project. With over 25 years in the business, we've always known that the final asphalt finish is only as good as the foundation that is built under it. So whether it's building roads, parking lots or trenches, we've got the personnel and the equipment to handle it. From Trackhoes and backhoes to caterpillars, we've got it. And of course, that includes all different sizes of graders for each size and type of job.
Portland Paving and Asphalt Services
read moreAsphalt paving is, and always will be, our main business. Over the years, our Portland paving professionals have designed and built literally thousands of jobs for hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Oregon, Washington, California, and Utah. Our team of experts have been paving in Portland and the area for many generations. We are fully insured, licensed and bonded to make sure you're investment is protected throughout our paving process. A good paving job begins with a plan. Before we start, we know your job from start to finish.
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