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Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Houston, TX Our mission is to help people live healthier lives through knowledge and nutrition. Our focus has been helping people who suffer from high blood sugar (type 2 diabetes). We believe that through education, diet, moderate exercise and nutritional supplementation that one can reduce and eliminate the risks of high blood sugar. Your health begins with you.
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Total Diabetic System
read moreThe Total Diabetic System is
designed for that purpose to help prediabetic patients lower their
risk of diabetes type 2, and keep blood sugar stable, reduce pain,
anxiety and related health problems of diabetic neuropathy for current
diabetic neuropathy

Most people who suffer from any type of neuropathy know that keeping tight control of blood sugar levels is the best way to prevent neuropathy and other complications of diabetes.

We have thousands of clients who have taken us up on our recommendation to combine their use of our nerve support formula with our safe and natural sugar stabilizer.

Consistently we hear about the great results people are seeing with this combination and is the reason it is now widely accepted as The #1 Solution For Diabetic Health.

If you are looking for a safe, effective, and all natural way to control your blood sugar levels and at the same time reverse and prevent painful side effects such as neuropathylook no further.


Ted Carper
read moreI have been on Melabic for 1 week now and my glucose readings have gone from over 250 to 95 this morning if this keeps up, you know I ll be making a second order ,and saving money to boot. I am looking forward to the day I can say good bye to my insulin injections. Thanks so much!
Joe Buchanan
read moreWhile I was a bit skeptical of Melabic, I ordered some, and received them promptly. I was amazed to see results in one day! By the third day, I had cut my insulin usage by 1/2. Two weeks later, I have dropped that by 1/2 .I had been using around 150 units per day, now I take 20 30 units per day , and my sugar counts are great! Most days I wake up @ under 100. Occasionally, 106 to 114 .I am exercising faithfully, and , at the age of 60, I am amazed at the muscle growth I am experiencing. I feel so much better, and have alot more energy , and endurance. I was almost hopeless over turning my life around but now I am enjoying life and work again. My cholesterol and triglycerides are plummeting. I am a sushi lover, and usually eat way too much. I quit going to the sushi place because my sugar would spike around 300. Today , I went back and overate again, but my sugar only hit 147 , 2 hours after my meal. By dinnertime it was 104 without taking any more insulin. Taking Melabic is the biggest change I have made. It has made all the difference in the world. Of course , I believe it requires proper diet and regular exercise to make it a complete system. Thank you again!
Peggy Charlene
read moreI just want to Thank You for your wonderful Melabic product. My husband, Howard has been taking it for 26 days and has been able to reduce his insulin usage by 40%. His blood sugar numbers have reduced by 30%. He has already lost 5 pounds too. I have recommended it to my dad and another friend who are trying it now. I will still keep recommending your product to everyone that I come into contact with that has the need for it. Thanks again for a product that really works!
Rex Fritchey
read moreAlthough Ive only been taking Melabic for a couple of weeks, I have mainly noticed a drastic drop in sugar cravings. My body doesnt crave sugar as it did. Ived also noticed some difference in my glucose reading in A.M. after fasting during the night, although it is not quite what I am looking for. This morning, my reading was 165, but was much higher before starting Melabic. ve lost several pounds since taking Melabic, as well. I think Melabic has great potential and am glad I started with the program. Sincerely,


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