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College in Miami, FL
College in Miami, FL At Expert Admissions, we trust that smart choices, informed strategies, and tailored applications are the finest approach to admission. Our program and materials have been developed over more than ten years, and touch upon every kind of planning for, preparing for, and applying to college and graduate school. Our approach is direct and practical. We do not believe in packaging students, but we do believe in advance preparation and planning.

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Expert Admissions | Bari Norman, Ph.D., Director
read moreOur counselor was available - literally sometimes within minutes - whenever we needed guidance. And, unlike even the best high school college counseling situations, we felt comfortable asking ANY question without feeling judged or short-changed on time. Our counselor was an investment and a blessing. Aside from helping me with the actual applications, you were always so encouraging and supportive, which helped me much more than you might realize! I know your job was made much more difficult by the fact that I'm overseas, and wanted to thank you for being so patient with me all the way through.
College Transfer Applicants Advising
read moreStudents seeking transfer admission must identify appropriate schools and write applications that show a clear commitment and plan of action for the next stage of undergraduate study. We also assist students with intermediary academic plans as they prepare to transfer. Looking to transfer to a more challenging school? Feeling you're in the completely wrong place? Struggling academically? We have significant experience working with both straightforward and tougher cases, and will work with you to successfully find and gain admission to colleges that will provide a better overall experience this time around.
Graduate Admissions Advising
read moreUnlike college, where you can apply completely (and even blissfully) undecided, graduate school applications require a particularly tailored approach. Your applications must present a clear and logical plan that reflects both your academic and professional objectives. What you're currently doing - whether you're a current undergrad or you're already out of school - is a key piece of the puzzle. Your counselor will help you create a cogent professional timeline, both in terms of how you present your past and how you plan your future.
Pro Bono Advising
read moreExpert Admissions is committed to supporting students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We offer pro bono college and academic advising services to motivated and talented students with more limited resources. For more information on our scholarship program, kindly contact our office at (212) 787-2355.
College Admissions Advising
read moreThere is no "typical client" here. Whether you're completely undecided or highly focused on a particular subject or program, we'll help you make smart academic and extracurricular choices, build a list of schools, and compose applications that represent your best self and speak to each school you're applying to. It's our job to make applying to college more transparent and to reduce your family's stress. We do this by applying our knowledge as former admissions officers to provide truly personalized, strategic advising.
read moreHere's How the System Got So Rigged. How to Stand out on Your College Applications Without Taking the SATs What to Do When You Get Into Both of Your Dream Schools Could Your College Acceptance Really Be Rescinded?
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