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Churches in Billings, MT People can recognize the way Christians love others. It's different than what is experienced in the world. As a church, we're continuously striving for relationships that build a strong community and aid us grow in our love for Jesus. Click on the links to discover our vision, what we believe, and who we're. If you have a question, call us for more information.

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3145 Sweet Water Drive
Billings, MT
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Bible in Life
read moreIn these challenging days, more than ever before, youth are asking big questions about life and meaning. How do they connect with each other and with God? Where do they turn to for answers? Where do they find hope? This class is a place for them to discover what a relationship with Jesus looks like and it creates space for students to wrestle with the big questions that are foundational to their faith. In this course, you will learn more about how God changes us. We are all in need of change, but real change does not happen on our own.
read moreOur community groups meet in homes across Billings. They are a place for you to belong, believe, and become more like Jesus. The typical community has around 12 members and meets a few times each month for 2-3 hours. You will eat together, pray together, learn together, and live your faith out together. Church is more than a one-hour gathering on a weekend. Church is not only a crowd gathered around a stage, but a Community sharing life around a table. Our communities meet in homes across Billings.
read moreDesigned with older elementary students in mind, this study encourages kids to go deeper into God's Word and apply it in their lives. They will learn how to answer hard questions, navigate the unique challenges they're facing, and share their faith with others. Want quick access to great Bible story videos, activities to do with your children, and parenting articles about the phase your child is in? Download the Parent Cue App and take advantage of the time you have with your kids.
Catalyst MVMT
read moreStudents will have a lot of fun as they experience authentic connection and friendship with their friends and our volunteer leaders. They will begin to make their faith their own as they: further their understanding of God, learn how to follow Jesus, and to pursue His mission in their schools and beyond.
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