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Chiropractor in Sunrise, FL It is our aim at Westgate Chiropractic to gain the trust and respect of all of our patients by delivering superb health care efficiently and effectively in a very caring atmosphere. We'll educate our patients, and we'll be a valuable resource for all the people in our community. At Westgate Chiropractic we supply complete, personalized, gentle, effective total health care. In our office we work hand-in-hand to supply you with state-of-the-art, comprehensive wellness.

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15830 West State Rd 84
Sunrise, FL
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read moreAcupuncture provides overall body balance and bliss to those who partake. Enjoy the relaxing and restorative benefits of this ancient healing art. Based on your specific needs, Dr. Rachman, licensed Acupuncturist, modifies and designs a treatment catered specifically to you and your needs. This 5000 year old curative practice calls for the painless insertion of tiny needles into distinct points on the body. It benefits almost all disorders, as well as emotional and spiritual imbalances. Many of you have seen the illustrious cupping marks on someone you know, or perhaps a famous Olympian.
Points 2 Wellness
read moreOur wellness clinic sets itself apart from the rest by being family owned and operated. We provide a warm, healing, family atmosphere, perfect for all age groups. Our team is devoted to your health care needs, bringing you the oldest, newest, and most advanced holistic treatments available. Having the healthy and fit body you have always wanted is now achievable at Points 2 Wellness! We are located in beautiful Weston, Florida. We welcome all of Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach County to come visit our wellness clinic today!
Speed Up Your Metabolism Once and
read moreAre you struggling with excess weight, poor digestion, or a sluggish metabolism? Are you experiencing low energy, poor sleep, or bloating? Acupuncture can improve all of these symptoms by getting to the root of the problem. This technique is not only safe and reliable, it has been proven to help jump start your digestion in several different ways. Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning. By placing tiny needles in specific locations, acupuncture speeds up your metabolism, promotes a regular bowel movements, and flushes the body of toxins.
Spleen Qi
read moreIf you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions you might be experiencing Spleen Qi Deficiency. Spleen Qi (pronounced chee) Deficiency is when the spleen meridian, not the actual organ, is unable to perform its digestive functions, hormonal functions, and energy functions. This presents itself in many different ways; excessive weight gain, inability to digest foods properly, bloating, gas, weakness, lethargy, swelling, and cravings to name a few. When we feel this way for longer than a day or two it is creating a new pattern in our cellular memory, and our body now believes this to be the new normal.
How Hot Are You
read moreMany people experience hot flashes on a daily basis. This can be attributed to menopause, hormonal changes, thyroid disorders, or just plain old excess heat in the body. It can appear as redness in the face, neck, arms, ears, or it can even cause bursts of sweat. These symptoms are not only uncomfortable but are sometimes quite embarrassing. It is bad enough you have to go through this fluctuation throughout your day, but now others get to know about your little secret as well. Hot flashes are a burst of heated energy that rush up the body and into the face, neck, underarms, abdomen, and back of the hairline.
How To Kick The Holiday Stress
read moreBobby wants a new bike, Mike needs a new drill, and Carrie wants a new phone. But that's not all! Everyone needs new winter clothes, and stocking-stuffers, you're planning a family vacation, and you're flying your grandparents in for the holidays. And on top of all of that you have to cook family dinners, and buy decorations and, and, and! The holiday season brings lots of joy and love but it also brings on a huge pile of STRESS! Take a deep breath and repeat after me, "this year is going to be different than the last".
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