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Private School in Wilmington, NC
Private School in Wilmington, NC Established in 1994 by the Wilmington Friends meeting, Friends School of Wilmington is an exceptional blend of a Montessori school for preschool students and a Quaker school for students in grades first - eighth. An academic community where students love to learn and grow, Friends School has two campus locations. The Pine Grove Campus enrolls preschool students through second grade, and the Peiffer Campus enrolls students in grades third - eighth.

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350 Peiffer Avenue
Wilmington, NC
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Friends School Of Wilmington
read moreFounded in 1994, Friends School of Wilmington is the choice for families who want an education for their children that will prepare them to lead their lives with wisdom and confidence. FSW is a vibrant learning community that prioritizes simplicity, integrity, equality, peaceful resolution of conflict, and stewardship of the earth. Our students experience school propelled by possibility, motivated by optimism, unrestricted by convention, reinforced by achievement, and guided by principle. In light of tragic events that have emphasized the ongoing need for social justice reform in our nation, state, and local community, and through a process of reflection and collaborative work, the Board of Trustees drafted a Black Lives Matter Statement which has been incorporated into the school's 2020 Strategic Plan.
About Us
read moreFounded in 1994, Friends School of Wilmington is known for its academic excellence and strong sense of community. The Friends School educational experience is rooted in the essential Quaker principles of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship (SPICES). We believe the world needs passionate, lifelong learners who act with courage, integrity, and love. Inspired by that need, and the Quaker values of peace, equality, and care for the earth, Friends School of Wilmington is a vigorous academic community committed to educating the whole child.
Middle School
read moreThe Middle School at the Friends School of Wilmington is an academically challenging environment where students are supported in their learning and social development by dedicated teachers who understand the joys and challenges of this important developmental phase. Students are expected to engage in cooperative, hands on learning in a way that crosses curricular subject areas and requires increasing levels of critical thinking and personal responsibility. Our Middle School faculty teaches 6th through 8th grade students which provides the opportunity for strong connections and a thorough understanding of each student's unique personality and learning styles.
Our Approach
read moreBeginning as young as 18 months our preschool students engage in hands-on learning guided by the Montessori method. They synthesize letter shapes tactilely by tracing them in sand. They visualize mathematical concepts concretely by using manipulative materials. They analyze cause and effect by taking things apart and putting them back together. They move freely, follow multi-step processes, and take responsibility for choosing, preparing, and cleaning up their work. They enjoy a sense of independence and achievement - with security and confidence lent by experienced, loving teachers who ensure that the academic and social needs of each child are met.
Affording FSW
read moreFriends School of Wilmington remains dedicated to the Quaker principle of inclusivity and recognizes that diversity improves the educational and social experience for all. In order to make a Friends School education accessible to families from a range of economic backgrounds, we offer Flexible Tuition to those who need financial support to attend FSW. Our community of Friends School families includes many who can comfortably afford tuition; there are some families who pay full tuition, but only by making sacrifices; and there are others who can afford minimal tuition.
Classroom Enrichment
read moreFriends School of Wilmington provides students with a variety of activities that supplement and enrich our academic curriculum. Ability and confidence is discovered and nurtured so that children come to see themselves as artists, musicians, linguists, and athletes. Physical education, communication, art and music are natural parts of children's lives, and all are essential elements of the weekly curriculum. Physical education classes and fitness activities provide opportunities for skill development and cooperative teamwork experiences.
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