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Personal Finance Company in Nashua, NH Globelend Mortgage was established in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida in 2001. The idea behind this firm was to form a group of mortgage specialists who would guide each customer from initial contact to a successful settlement. We currently have grown to various states on the E and W coast region of the US, and have helped 1000's of people purchase homes, refinance their mortgages, and obtain cash for a multitude of purposes.

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71 Spit Brk Road # 402
Nashua, NH
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read moreCapital is the lifeblood of your business and having access to it can mean everything. It is the difference between growing and stagnating, being pro-active instead of passive, succeeding instead of failing. It is the essential element in maximizing your opportunities and your profits. At Globelend we understand your need for money. More importantly, we understand the urgency that comes with the need, especially for small and medium sized businesses. Our goal is to make sure you can access the cash you need when you need it.
Client Testimonials
read moreGlobelend is by far the best company I have ever worked with. Paul is honest, straight forward and to the point. He educated me and followed my companies progress for over a year to ensure we reached the point that we could apply for the best loan option. We applied and was approved, not once, not twice but three times we were approved. I highly recommend this company! Alex, is a shining example of quality service, care and professionalism. He brought a personal touch to his work that usually is not seen in the industry or many others.
How It Works
read moreAre you looking for an alternative to traditional bank loans for your business financing needs? Are you tired of 90 day wait times and approval criteria that don't take the actual health and potential of your business into account? If so, you are not alone. In today's economy there are thousands of small and medium size businesses with potential for incredible growth that do not qualify for financing through traditional banks. All these companies need is the working capital to put their plans in motion and they can achieve explosive growth and increased profits.
SBA Loans
read moreMost small businesses fall within a wide range of industries eligible for an SBA 7(a) loan. If your business falls under one of the eligible industries covered, your next move should be geared towards meeting the following criteria to qualify for an SBA loan. Generally, SBA loan-approved businesses that are submitted by Globelend Capital often make anywhere between $50,000 and $5 million in profit annually and have an employee workforce numbering between 1 and 40. Most of these businesses have healthy financial report, are profitable and have positive cash flow.
read moreOur program offers a fast and convenient way for business owners to get the cash they need to run their company. It is not a business loan, which means no checks to write, no fixed monthly payments, and none of the restrictions/excessive documentation typically associated with a bank loan. Approval rates are much higher than a bank loan and funds are typically wired to your business account within 10 days. Repayment is based on a small fixed percentage of your future Visa and MasterCard receipts until the pre determined payback amount is satisfied.
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