Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Round Rock, TX
Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Round Rock, TX Hempsy offers a broad array of CBD (cannabidiol) products geared to address stress, inflammation and much more. In order to provide our customers with the highest level of CBD products, Hempsy only sources Natural, Unaltered CBD that has been extracted with care.

Delicious and organic, Hempsy is dedicated to making a wide array of CBD productsto help with inflammation and much more. Experience the Hempsy Difference today!
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Round Rock, TX
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read moreHempsys line of CBD Infused Edibles are a healthy and delicious way to enjoy CBD. These products are designed to be taken orally for fast-acting relief and relaxation. Our edibles are THC free meaning theyre non-psychoactive, giving you all the benefits of CBD with a great tasting flavor. Experience the Hempsy difference today!
Personal Care
read moreHempsy is proud to introduce our new line of CBD Personal Care products for your CBD daily regiment. Each of our cbd products are formulated to specifically address inflammation, joint pain and stress. With soothing and moisturizing products like our CBD lip balms and CBD bath salts creating or maintaining your CBD beauty regimen has never been easier.
read moreHere at Hempsy we know our four-legged friends come first, thats why our line of Hempsy Pet Products are 100% THC free, with no psychoactive effects.. Soothe your pets inflammation, pain, and anxiety with the purest form of CBD available. Our specially formulated CBD Drops are designed exclusively for your furry friends with products that are easy to integrate into your pets lifestyle.
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