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Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA The trial lawyers at Injury Justice Law Firm are passionate about helping injured clients and their families - one person at a time. We are passionate about fighting for your rights because EVERYONE DESERVES JUSTICE! With over 25 years experience, attorneys Inna Demin and Dmitry Gorin have received the highest national ratings for top legal skills AVVO 10/10 Superb, California Super-Lawyers, Best U.S. Lawyers.

Our skilled personal injury lawyers specialize in helping you recover the most just and reasonable financial settlement from an insurance company. The other side knows that our Los Angeles injury lawyers are also able to fight the case in front of jury to obtain a successful verdict.

Our lawyers are passionate about helping our injured clients and their families - one person at a time. Injury Justice Law Firm does not have new attorneys, office managers or paralegals handling the important aspects of your case. When you choose which law firm will represent your rights, make sure that you know - Who will be handling my case? Who will I be speaking to? Who is my attorney?

After a lawsuit is filed against an insurance company, we promise a firm partner will handle the case personally. You and your family will receive white-glove, caring service, and have all your questions answered.
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read moreA sudden accident causing injury can happen anytime and our attorneys are available for help with the following matters:

Car Accidents

Rear-End Accidents

Truck Accidents

Bus Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Bus Accidents

Train Accidents

Government Accidents

Government Tort Claims

Uninsured Motorist

Dangerous Road Conditions

Defective Seatbelts

Defective Tires

Defective Airbags

Construction Accidents

Workplace Injuries

Premises Liability

Dog and Animal Bites

Wrongful Death

Slip and Fall Accidents

Trip and Fall Accidents

Catastrophic Injuries

Burn Injuries

Brain Injuries

Pregnancy Complications

Spinal Cord Injuries

Orthopedic Injuries

Emotional Injuries

Defective Products

Soft Tissue Injuries

Uninsured Car Accident Victims

Winning Disputed Car Accident Case

Recovering Lost Wages


Angela Bower
read moreI am so happy with the outcome of my case! Before I came to Inna, I called a few other law firms that turned me down, saying that my case was not big enough to justify the expense (I slipped and fell at a store, hurting my back and shoulder). Inna listened to my story, and with her help, I received a great settlement for my injuries. She was always available and responsive, and she took great care to make sure I received the medical care I needed. I am very pleasantly surprised with the outcome of my case, and would highly recommend Inna and her firm to anyone with a slip and fall case!
Lena Verny
read moreInna's services were second to none. I saw her for a second opinion after an accident at work. I was getting treatment through comp, but very unhappy with the quality of care. Turned out I was not limited to comp, and there was another party to go after. Inna got me additional treatment and compensation for lost wages. She is very knowledgeable about the issues, and very thorough with her investigation. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through worker's comp. Do not settle your comp case without consulting a personal injury lawyer!
Amanda Roth
read moreA slip and fall at a store in front of a crowd of people is an extremely unpleasant event. In the beginning, I was not sure where to even turn for help. The store where I fell tried to brush it under the rug, and made me feel bad for even trying to complain. But I had to go to a hospital! And pay for medical bills! And it was not my fault that they left a puddle on the floor. After going back and forth with the store management, and getting nowhere, I asked my friends for a referral to an attorney. Ms. Demin came highly recommended by a good friend, and she truly delivered on the promise. My case was done soon after I finished physical therapy. All my medical bills were paid and I was even compensated for time off work! Excellent outcome, great service, amazing lawyer!
Elia Smith
read moreInna is an excellent personal injury attorney. She obtained a great settlement for me and my family, even after the insurance company only low balled us. Highly recommend her services. She will be there for you.


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read moreWith over 25 years combined courtroom experience, Injury Justice Law Firm has a tenacious team of trial lawyers ready to fight for your rights after a car accident or other unfortunate event. Our legal team's goal is to provide justice to our clients, one person at a time. No case is too small, nor too large when we accept representation of you and your family. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys offer a free case evaluation and have a "no recovery, no fee" guarantee. Please call us at 818-781-1570 or fill out our online contact form.
What Personal Injury Damages Am
read moreAny damages you might be entitled to recover depends on the type of injury case and the extent of damages sustained. If your injury requires medical treatment, then past and future medical expenses can be recovered and wages lost from your employment. Additionally, you could also recover other damages that include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. To get an idea of what type of damages you may be entitled to recover, review the list below that describes some common types of legal compensation available in a personal injury case.
What To Do After A Car Accident
read moreWhat should you do immediately after a car accident? While most of the accidents on the road involve property damage, approximately 30% of all car crashes result in personal injury to the driver or passengers. Make sure it is safe to get out of the vehicle before you do so. Turn on your hazard lights. If the accident occurs in the middle of the freeway, or in an area where it is not safe to remain outside of the vehicle, remain in your car and lock all doors. Getting the accident documented by the police department or the California Highway Patrol will help when submitting your claim to the insurance company.
Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney
read moreLosing a close family member is always difficult. Such a loss can be even more devastating if it is due to a sudden and unexpected accident or act of violence. As in every state, California has specific laws setting out important legal rights for surviving family members after a tragic loss in Section 3921 of the California Civil Jury Instructions (CACI 3921). These wrongful death laws are specific and can be confusing, so you should never hesitate to contact a skilled Los Angeles wrongful death attorney at our law firm to ensure your rights under the law are fully protected.
Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney
read moreMore than 2 million car accidents cause injuries on an annual basis in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The injuries resulting from car crashes can often be severe and can even be fatal, as more than 35,000 people died in collisions in a single year. Because of the severe results of a car accident, the law protects the rights of victims who sustained injuries through no fault of their own. We all know the traffic conditions in Los Angeles can be crazy and the chances of a crash occurring are unfortunately high.
Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney
read moreYour legal matters are important to us. Injury Justice Law Firm can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. We pride ourselves on being able to support clients with a diverse number of problems. People that were injured receive at least 3 times more compensation with the help of a professional attorney. Depending on your case details, we develop proven strategies to recover maximum compensation you deserve. Injury cases can be very fact-specific, and we have our own investigator to perform immediate site inspection.
Los Angeles Back Injury Attorney
read moreMotor vehicle crashes, falls, and other types of accidents that are caused by someone else's recklessness, carelessness, or negligence can result in serious bodily injuries - including serious back injuries. Back injuries can vary significantly from one victim to another but almost any type of back injury can affect your life in many ways. Back injuries are typically a very challenging type of personal injury case because the vast range of body parts that have been impacted, such as ligaments, muscles, tendons, and the spinal cord.
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