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Chiropractor in Pleasanton, CA Traditional chiropractors focus on goals like decreasing muscle spasm and reducing pain. We believe they do a great job at accomplishing those goals.Intero Chiropractic takes a different approach, and focuses on three dimensional shifts of the spine away from normal, or what we call structural shifts.

Think of your spine as a foundation for a building. If the foundation were to sink a few inches, wouldnt you expect the walls to crack, the floors to offset, and the roof to be damaged? Now you can patch the cracks, change the floorboard, or replace the roof..but this would never correct the cause of the problems.

Structural Chiropractic focuses on detecting three dimensional Structural Shifts of the spine that may be causing your foundation to be off. In the vast majority of cases that make their way to our practice, often as referrals from other healthcare professionals in the area, we see a significant Structural Shift.
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Holly P.
read moreI was treated for pain between my shoulders and mid back after I was rear ended in a car accident. The first two weeks after the accident the pain was so sharp and persistent that I had to stay home from work. I went to one session with a physical therapist and they claimed that my pain was from sore muscles. My physician prescribed me pain medicine. The medicine helped when I took it but the underlying problem was not being addressed. Prior to being seen by Jerry I was seen by another chiropractor who adjusted my back without even looking at x-rays. After 6 months of treatment I was able to sit again for longer periods of time without having pain and am also able to jog again! I also love the fact that Jerry applies rehabilitation techniques to his chiropractic sessions. He taught me various exercises to help strengthen my core and improve stability to my back. Also, I learned the proper way to breathe so as to not cause more strain on my upper back. Dr. Jerry is honest and caring and the chiropractic care I received was excellent!
Kat S.
read moreAfter six years of working off on a laptop and generally having bad posture, I began developing shooting and tingling pains in my back. For a while, I thought I could just tough it out and lift more weights to make my back stronger. However, the pain in my back continued to get worse in numerous situations. No matter if I was working on a laptop, driving around to run errands, or just reaching for the shampoo in the shower, the pain would strike and make general movements very miserable. I had prided myself in being athletic, and at age 27, I thought I was way too young to be handicapped by back issues. This pain continued for several weeks before I finally consulted Jerry. I had my reservations about chiropractic, however, Jerry is a personal friend of mine and I personally witnessed his dedication to being the best chiropractor he could be through sacrificing weekend after weekend to attend seminars around the country. This gave me confidence that he had honed his knowledge and practice to provide the best treatment possible. I started seeing Jerry eight months ago, and I still see him from time to time for a checkup, but for the past five months, I have never felt the terrible shooting or tingling pains in my back again. I would absolutely highly recommend Dr. Jerry Hsieh.
Julia Y.
read moreWhen I first encountered the idea of chiropractic, I looked into a lot of articles online regarding the approach of chiropractic, patient stories, and what were the signs of a chiropractor that didn't know they were doing. I came across a lot of warnings so I was very skeptical at trying this approach but knew of a couple friends that had severe back issues that drastically improved and so was willing to give it a shot, which I am glad I did now. My first impressions were that Dr. Jerry was quite knowledgeable in his field, genuinely concerned for his patient's well-being, methodical and cautious in his approach to find a solution, and made himself available to the best of his abilities. I would recommend chiropractic to others but with the caveat that if they aren't able to see Jerry, they should spend the time and energy to find a genuinely skilled chiropractor. Unfortunately, as in all industries, there are quacks out there. Also, for people that have never seen a chiropractor, it would be worth it to get a visit in -- similar in theory to a physical exam to catch potential issues and/or existing issues early on.

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Intero Chiropractic
read moreOur secret is the renowned Gonstead chiropractic technique, which goes above and beyond a traditional chiropractic assessment. Gonstead is a precise system, and the doctors that utilize it are able to deliver the most specific adjustments, addressing problem areas to restore and maintain optimal health. Nobody deserves to live in chronic pain, Intero Chiropractic clinic is a health and wellness center whose expert chiropractors focus on finding the root cause behind your pain and offer natural solutions at affordable prices.
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read moreAs doctors of chiropractic, we believe that the body can heal and self-regulate through the nervous system. It is designed to be in balance, in homeostasis. Today, modern society makes it hard to stay healthy and achieve balance. Many of us lead sedentary lifestyles, spend too much time on computers, feel busy and stresses, and sustain injuries that we never quite heal from. Our approach does not involve drugs or surgery. Instead, we take a scientific approach to determine what is going on both neurologically and structurally in your body.
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