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Driveway & Paving Company in Billings, MT Owner, Jim Bailey, has been within the construction field in excess of twenty five years and in business for 19 years. The company was named SBA Minority Small Business of the Year for Montana, Region 8, and tied for the national award in 2001. Jim was named first Runner-up for Small Business Person of the Year for Montana by the SBA in 2002. Key staff include. We own a comprehensive line of trucks, pavers, backhoes, graders, blades, slurry trucks, crack sealing equipment, etc. And possess the technical and organizational skills to handle projects from the beginning to finish.

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Billings, MT
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J B Industrial
read moreSince 1989, Hardrives Construction, Inc. has built a solid reputation by going the extra mile and delivering exceptional quality the first time around. Based in Billings, Montana, Hardrives Construction, Inc. is fully licensed, bonded, insured and is a certified DBE contractor. You will find Hardrive's crews on residential, commercial, municipal and large federal projects always striving for perfection. Results of our hard work can be found across the U.S. in thousands of projects. Discover why so many satisfied customers have looked to Hardrives Construction, Inc. for projects of every size.
About Us
read moreOur Mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers at a reasonable cost. Our attitudes, work ethic and appearance l reflect that we value our customers. As a result, we believe that the company's reputation will be enhanced and the company will grow to provide additional job stability for our employees. Our vision is to build an exceptional company that reflects the practical application of biblical values throughout. We own a complete line of trucks, pavers, backhoes, graders, blades, slurry trucks, crack sealing equipment, etc. and possess the technical and organizational skills to handle projects from start to finish.
Excavation Contractors
read moreThere are times when a client has a need for someone to do excavation work. We are highly experienced in many aspects of excavation. We have re-mediated contaminated soils, designed and installed drainage systems, excavated and laid culverts, removed and replaced bridges, and much more. Our crews are trained and experienced. Since 1989 we have built a reputation for going the extra mile for our clients while delivering an exceptional level of quality. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your next excavation project.
Concrete Work & Repair
read moreOur award winning concrete division is extremely experienced when it comes to working with concrete. From sidewalks, to curb & gutter, to decorative landscaping, we can develop a solution for every situation regardless of the project size. Our crew is capable of handling projects from small to large; learn more about what we can do for you. Maintenance is less expensive than complete removal and replacement. Hardrives offers a full range of services using the highest quality materials for concrete preservation.
Asphalt Work & Repair Services
read moreAsphalt is a mixture of asphalt cements and well graded aggregate. It is then loaded into a paving machine which lays consistent mat of asphalt the desired thickness. Hardrives uses a state-of-the-art paver for this operation. We can pave swathes anywhere from 8' to 18' wide in a single pass. Two, three and four inches are typical mat thicknesses for new projects. Hardrives possesses both the technology and the know how to perform virtually any paving need that may arise. To begin with, a new piece of asphalt is visually appealing.
Construction Services & Specialities
read moreAt HardDrives Construction, Inc. we have more than 25 years of experience in all types of paving, asphalt, and concrete services. Whether it's a pre-existing project or new construction, we are equipped with the talent, the knowledge, and the machinery to complete the job. See just a few examples of our work below. If you would like to find out more information about our services, or would like to discuss a project, please contact us directly here.
SealCoating Asphalt
read moreSealcoat is a high quality asphalt based sealer designed to give improved protection to asphalt surfaces. Sealcoat will fill minor cracks and depressions providing a smooth, attractive and long lasting finish. It is recommended that Sealcoat be applied to new asphalt immediately after the first year of use to ensure maximum protection, and every 3-5 years thereafter. Sealcoat contains special asphalt emulsions, synthetic fibers, mineral fillers, and sand aggregates required for a smooth, durable seal.
Crack Sealing Asphalt
read moreCracks in your asphalt allow water to seep into the asphalt mat and destroy it from the inside out. When water runs down into cracks in your asphalt and freezes, the natural expansion of the water causes further cracking and destruction. The situation becomes dire when water reaches the subgrade beneath the asphalt mat. Hardrives makes use of several different crack fill compounds with differing compositions, depending upon the application required for each specific job. Generally speaking, the compounds used in parking lots and driveways are slightly harder when cool than those used on highways and roads.
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