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Museum & Art Gallery in Memphis, TN
Museum & Art Gallery in Memphis, TN I give God all the glory for any success I may have achieved as an artist during my lifetime and for the capability to share what I have learned with others through my painting classes. I thank Jerry Yarnell for opening up a whole new world of acrylics to me through his painting books and videos, which I use to teach acrylics from and to Hobby Lobby for delivering me with a wonderful place to teach.

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4255 Arrowhead Road
Memphis, TN
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John Helms Gallery
read moreDisclaimer: Some of my original paintings on this page are class paintings I did from Jerry Yarnell's painting books which I taught from for years and have permission from Diane Yarnell to sell them. They cannot however, be made into copies. I have had my web site on the Internet for many years and it has seen many changes. I am not responsible for any images of paintings or photos that should show up on your computer from the Internet in the form of a "cache history" which were directly or indirectly connected to and have nothing to do with my current, active web site.
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