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Gardening & Landscaping in Nashua, NH
Gardening & Landscaping in Nashua, NH That is why we supply bundled services and our exclusive Property Health Monitoring. Both our domestic and commercial bundled services are created to supply complete services with one firm. Bundled services lower your overall costs and reduce your time researching and managing multiple services. We supply Property Health Monitoring, FREE with all our bundled service packages. We monitor your property for potential problems allowing you to avoid expensive corrective actions in the future.

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3 Perry Avenue
Nashua, NH
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Knott's Land Care
read moreWe have been providing excellence in professional land care, design and build services to residential and commercial clientele since 2004. Our business is built on the foundational belief that when we treat our employees, our community, and our larger world with respect and dignity, superiority in our craft only comes naturally. In 2004, after throwing around several ideas for starting a new business, Michelle and Doug Knott sold their Connecticut home and moved to Michelle's hometown of Nashua, NH.
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read moreKnott's Land Care, LLC has you covered when it comes to building, cleaning, tending and growing. Managing New England winter is about scientific preparation, diligent upkeep, and anticipating our client's unique needs.
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