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Gardening & Landscaping in Nashua, NH Generally, we'll bag the clippings. During the summer time, when the days are long and the rain is short, lawns tend to burn. In an effort to prevent this from happening, mulching the grass once in a while is a great solution. Mulching the lawn, knows as discharging, is when we cut the grass, but instead of bagging it, the mowers spread it out evenly over the lawn. The mulched grass supplies shade and nutrients to the roots protecting it from the intense heat from long, summer days. Of course, too much of anything is never nice so this wouldn't happen every week.

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read moreNorthShire Landscaping, started in 2006 by Sam Jenness, as a small, one man business providing quality landscape maintenance services to customers at affordable prices. Since then, NorthShire Landscaping has grown and evolved into NorthShire Inc./NorthShire Landscaping & Irrigation, a company providing an array of services to continually enhance, beautify, and maintain landscapes both big and small. We continually work not only to grow a sustainable business, but to build a sound reputation based on quality landscaping and also on great customer and vendor relationships.
read moreNorthShire Inc. performs a variety of snow and ice management services for businesses and associations both large and small on either a per storm basis or seasonal contract. We also offer a variety of additional services including skidsteer/loader work, snow hauling, and salting. From small offices to larger residential communities and commercial parking lot clearing to walkway/patio/deck shoveling as well as sand/salt applications and ice dam management we are here to serve you. We offer round the clock emergency services to our customers for peace of mind during the most adverse weather conditions.
read moreHydroseeding is the number 1 way to get a new lawn growing from scratch, our complex mixture of top quality seed, fertilizer and other growing agents, pH balanced water, and hydroseed mulch guarantees1 you to have a beautiful, lush green lawn in just a few short weeks.
read moreNorthShire Inc. offers a variety of ways to add color, beauty, and privacy to any and all landscapes. We offer services from spring through fall including planting annuals in May and Mums in September. We plant bulbs in the fall for those beautiful, early rising tulips you'll see first thing as the snow melts, and we plant shrubs and trees all year round. While these services are great by themselves, combining these with some of our other services such as a new lawn, bark mulch, or landscape lighting is when something truly spectacular happens.
read moreWe work to serve both our residential and commercial customers in the best way possible and understand that although already comprehensive, sometimes our routine service just isn't enough. In some cases, that means tailoring our services to meet your needs. This can include additional services such as season long fertilizer programs, the cleanup of trash and other unsightly items from the property, weed management from beds, and any additional services that may be special to your specific property.
read moreHave a lawn that is looking a little thin and not as robust as it once was? Over-seeding or slice seeding could be the answer, and much more cost effective than getting a new lawn! Typically done in the fall in conjunction with a soil sample, a core aeration, and/or a dethatching, over-seeding and a mineral treatment (based on results from the soil sample) can breathe new life into your existing lawn. Which services are right for me? Chances are, if you haven't had a soil sample done in a while, that we'll need to start with one of those.
read moreKeep your lawn looking green and healthy all summer with an irrigation system designed and installed and/or serviced by NorthShire Inc. As part of any great landscape, our highly acclaimed Lawn Care is bolstered by a high quality automatic irrigation system. NorthShire Inc.'s knowledgable irrigation team is ready to handle any irrigation problem that comes our way. Whether you are looking to install a brand new system or repair an old system, NorthShire Landscaping & Irrigation has the expertise in designing and maintaining many types of systems including Hunter, Rainbird, Toro, K-Rain, Orbit, and others.
read moreAdding landscape lighting to your property can instantly transform any ordinary landscape into something truly extraordinary while creating an inviting atmosphere which naturally welcomes your neighbors and guests while simultaneously deterring unwanted guests from approaching your home; and in many cases, you can even qualify for a discount on your homeowner's insurance policy for installing landscape lighting! And what's more? With new advancements in LED technology, you can rest assured that you can light up your entire landscape without running up your electricity bill.
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