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Gardening & Landscaping in Plano, TX Landscape And Irrigation Services was established on a shoestring in 1998 by Gary Orsborn and his wife Teresa, who having begun to plan for a family, realized they would have to take control of they're income. The business has increased sustantially every year since with our increasingly sophisticated marketing and expanding repeat client base. The firm's primary focus, domestic landscape, irrigation, and drainage has been augmented with bigger commercial and municipal projects including the new Dallas Police Headquarters, Addison Circle streetscapes.

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Landscape & Irrigation Services
read moreWe provide high quality landscape designing and planning along with these related specialties to the North Dallas, Plano, and surrounding areas. Starting with designing and planning, Landscape & Irrigation Services will prepare the soil, install trees, shrubs, ground covers, flowers, flagstone pathways, stone borders and walls, patios, water features, lighting, drainage, irrigation, and many other related specialties. We are a professional Landscape Design, Install company providing landscape design and installation / build, landscape projects, landscaping, landscape renovation, new landscape, landscape design, landscape planning, Landscape plan, landscape architect, landscape lighting, drainage, landscape drainage, irrigation, landscape irrigation, patios, sitting areas, garden paths, stone borders, stone walls, stone work, ponds, streams, waterfalls, water features, fountains, water gardens, arbors, trellises, pergolas, cedar arbors, lawn maintenance, lawn service, lawn mowing, .etc.
read moreThe evolution in irrigation design and technology over the past decade has rendered most existing irrigation systems obsolete, wasteful, and costly. However, these same systems can be modified or retro-fitted to capture the efficiency and savings of the new modern irrigation system. Convert all or part of your irrigation system to drip irrigation and realize huge savings on all water bills going forward. Drip irrigation is also exempt from the water restrictions imposed by most city's drought response plans.
Water Features
read morePonds and waterfalls are wonderful additions to your yard or garden. The beauty of natural stones and plant life, coupled with the peaceful sounds of rushing water, immediately transport you back to nature without ever leaving your home. Installing one is a big project, however, and some people aren't sure if it's the right choice for their home. If you're hesitant about installing a complete waterfall system in your yard or garden, a Pondless waterfall can be a great alternative to a full pond.
Landscape Installation
read moreThe decisions you make with your landscape environment will be with you for years to come. Poor choices will diminish your experience while exaggerating both the initial cost and long term maintenance. Our qualified and experienced staff stands ready to fulfill your dreams from conception to realization. We are project oriented and eager to apply our expertise to your individual needs. Our approach to each layer of decision takes into account your concerns and integrates them with site realities such as soil condition, sun exposure, shade, plant selection, water requirements, drainage issues, and over all intent.
Drainage Solutions
read moreEvery property presents unique drainage challenges. Landscape & Irrigation Services evaluates these issues and designs the best possible solution that both solves the problem and allows you to enjoy your outdoor environment as you intended. We install french drains to dry out chronically wet areas, catch basins to capture surface water, and gutter downspout tie-ins carry rain water directly to the street. Sometimes the best solution is to contour the grade so that water has a way to travel away from the foundation or out of a low lying area.
Landscape Design and Planning
read moreThere are many elements beyond plant selection and placement to consider. Our degreed and licensed Landscape Architect will combine your thoughts and ideas with his extensive knowledge and experience to produce a unique and inspiring master plan. The master plan is the critical first step towards turning a concept into reality. On this canvas you will see the plan unfold with area use, grade and drainage, landscape layout and plant selection, sun and shade, view and privacy, and many other elements intelligently integrated so that they flow harmoniously.
Landscape Lighting
read moreLandscape lighting adds a new dimension to your landscape experience. While extending the visual impact of your home and garden into the night, it also adds another level of safety and security. Landscape lighting is often used to highlight architectural features such as the structure of the home, the entrance, patio, statuary, fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and other bodies of water. Trees, palms, interesting shrubs and ground covers can be used to accent the effect or even serve as the focal point.
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