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Gardening & Landscaping in Plano, TX The Tree Fella would like to cordially invite you to tour our website. As you meet our firm and learn all about our services, we hope that your experience will not only supply an educational opportunity, but most importantly you will reach a sense of trust in the experience and experience of each and every one of our associates. Certified by the International Society of Arboriculture or ISA, our skillfully trained tree specialists are wholeheartedly dedicated to remaining abreast of the most current strategies of tree preservation.

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Plano Stump Grinding
read moreOften in times of new construction it becomes necessary to remove trees which would otherwise create an obstruction during the building phase. Our experts will precisely and safely remove all trees and leftover stumps remains, creating not only needed space for your new home or office but also provide new homes for younger trees once construction is complete. We at The Tree Fella take great pride in having the knowledge and equipment imperative to offering a complete tree service. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation please do not hesitate to call us at (972) 612-6816.
Plano Tree Trimming
read moreSpecializing in the refinement of tree maintenance, you can count on the experts at The Tree Fella, guaranteeing to keep your trees beautifully managed year-round. Only the necessary amount of foliage is removed from your trees; concentrating on the health, shape and balance. Cuts are clean and precise. All equipment is sterilized before each job and our arborist is present on each job site. The aesthetics of your trees involves the surgical removal of limbs, deadwood, suckers, crossovers, hazardous or diseased limbs, ivy and mistletoe.
Plano Tree Trimming
read moreAmong many reasons why removing a tree would become imperative would be severe decay, critical or dangerous structural cracks or a decline in health at least 50% off the branches may dead or dying. As an experienced and professional arborist, The Tree Fella is committed to providing the most accurate of a diagnosis to any sick tree you may have. Once a conclusive diagnosis has been determined and removal becomes your only alternative, our expertly trained technicians will first begin by precisely analyzing the structure and location of the tree.
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