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Construction Company in Denton, TX These two points, along with our clients, have brought LMC to where it is today. In keeping with the tradition of the founding philosophy, we're pleased to be a leader in environmental stewardship. Through the years as everyone has become more aware of environmental issues, LMC has been on the forefront of the industry in this area. At our aggregate operations, dust is minimized everywhere possible. From stockpiles and roads being kept damp, to covering trailers before they leave, every attempt is made to control dust before it leaves the site.

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Lattimore Materials
read moreLafargeHolcim Ltd and its subsidiaries have the assets necessary to meet the building and design challenges of today's increasing urbanization. In the United States, LafargeHolcim companies have resources across the country, whether operating under the name Lafarge, Holcim, Aggregate Industries or Lattimore Materials, to meet your needs. As the leading global building materials and solutions company, the LafargeHolcim family of companies is well prepared and ready to support any of your building challenges or needs.
About Us
read moreIn the United States, the LafargeHolcim family of companies offer an unparalleled range of innovative cement, aggregates, asphalt, concrete products and construction services that have been the foundation for infrastructure projects across the globe. We support the nation's prosperity because a good infrastructure is at the heart of a good economy. We expect that the market will continue to grow given the increased demand for infrastructure development. LafargeHolcim is a trusted, credible and reliable partner.
Meet our team
read moreIf there's one thing we're more proud of than being the global leader in building materials and solutions it's our extraordinary team who put us there. With their curiosity and passion for sustainability, our teams help us reinvent the way the world builds.
Our Partnerships
read moreAs a leader in building materials, we are conscious of the bigger picture and strive to ensure that we live up to the responsibilities that come with our presence in the US. We aim to demonstrate, with our actions and partnerships, how we are a responsible and ethical company, with sustainability as a core value.
Code of Business Conduct
read moreActing with integrity and living the right behaviors is critical to fulfilling our role as a good corporate citizen in the communities we operate in and supporting their healthy development. Integrity is therefore one of the core values we have defined as a building block for our corporate culture that describes who we are, what we do and how we behave. LafargeHolcim strives to create an environment where honesty and accountability flourish and compliance is a central focus. Using common sense and good judgment together with our Code and LafargeHolcim policies and directives will usually be sufficient to ensure business is conducted with integrity.
Legal mentions
read moreThe website is owned by LafargeHolcim Ltd, Zrcherstrasse 156, 8645 Jona, Switzerland. The LafargeHolcim Group companies are from a legal point of view individual and separate legal entities. However, the terms "LafargeHolcim", "Group", "We" or "Us" used in this website shall refer to LafargeHolcim in general or, if not explicitly otherwise stated, where no useful purpose is served by identifying any particular LafargeHolcim Group company. LafargeHolcim is bound only by a best-endeavors obligation concerning the information it makes available to visitors to its website,
Community Engagement
read moreAt LafargeHolcim, we're deeply committed to making a positive difference in the world and giving back to the communities in which we live and work-from operating in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner; to tackling local challenges; to giving our hearts, minds, time, and energy. The Holcim Theodore Cement plant in AL employees made critical donations to their local community's first responders and employees. They generously donated to the first responders, including 4 gallons of hand sanitizer, N95 masks, and gloves.
US Leadership
read moreOur ACM and Cement Executive Committee members manage the LafargeHolcim business in the United States. These leaders represent diverse areas of the company and work together to achieve our company goals.
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