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Law Firm in Las Vegas, NV In the rarefied atmosphere of criminal defense law, very few attorneys reach an acknowledged level of accomplishment on the local, state, national and international fields concurrently.

Nicholas Wooldridge has accomplished that feat. From representing international criminals to petty crooks, Mr. Wooldridge has consistently combined his above legal expertise and the experience of someone decades older with the compassion of somebody who has seen all of life's troubles and trials.

Mr. Wooldridge was a titan in the high-stakes legal domain of New York before relocating to Las Vegas. It didn't take the wheels long to turn before Mr. Wooldridge was as recognized in the city as he was in New York and around the world.

Mr. Wooldridge treats each of his clients whether they're a Wall Street banker, or a local, petty crook with the same respect and attention to detail. He is as comfortable in a corporate boardroom as he is at the corner restaurant as he works with clients from all backgrounds, occupations and income levels.

Although pleased with the professional citations and accolades he has received from judicial leaders and his peers, Mr. Wooldridge is most content from the oft-repeated testimonials he receives from satisfied clients.
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  • Year established: 2015
  • Number of employees: 7
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  • AV Rated lawyers
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read moreSex crimes

Being accused of a sex crime is an overwhelming event and can destroy your life and reputation - even if the accusation is false.

Violent Crimes

When accused of a violent crime, you may be risking years in prison. In these circumstances, you want the best criminal defense imaginable.

Felony Charges

Nevada felony is subject to harsh sentencing and a career debilitating criminal record. We will fight your case to drop all charges.


Driving Under the Influence will haunt you for years and cost you directly and indirectly. We are experienced in fighting DUI charges. Call today.

Drug Crimes

Mr. Wooldridge has successfully presented a consistent and vigorous defense while advocating for clients accused of drug crimes.

Federal Charges

Federal prosecutions are high stakes. Nicholas has been defending Federal cases for over 13 years and has earned the respect of Nevada legal community.

White collar crime

White-collar criminal charges are complicated. Nicholas Wooldridge is experienced in all types of white collar crime cases, no matter how big or small.

Domestic Violence

A Domestic Violence accusation means jail. How long depends on your attorney. LV Criminal Defense know the law and can assist you when you need it most.


Dennis Doulder
read moreWhen we arrived at the office, we were warmly greeted. We did not have to wait long for our meeting. We were very at ease upon meeting our attorneys and felt very confident that we chose the right attorney. They kept us up to date and handled our case expediently. We would recommend them without hesitation.
Joshua Eastwood
read moreFirst off, you should never need a lawyer. I recently needed one and my experience with Nick and his crew was absolutely amazing. It is very hard to find a lawyer to even talk to and feel comfortable with. this place made me feel comfortable and were very straight up with me. Helped me ease my mind when I thought things were crazy. They all have gone above and beyond comforting me and keeping me in "the know" with everything and it means a lot, even when I was hounding them. I have never been in the spot that I found myself in and hopefully never again but I am thankful to have found someone who took the time to listen and fought very very very hard on my behalf. My situation was very scary for me.... but I will not lie. Nick did everything in his reach, power, and will to help me. Thank you all again. Especially Nick and Adam. You guys are very good people and I am very happy to have met you. Thanks again.

By the way. It was scary in the court room. But also, very......... fun? (that's not a good word to describe it), neat to see Nick in action.

Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart. Every person there are good people. I can not describe how I feel. Just..... THANK YOU!
Cody Romeo
read moreBest lawyer around. Couldn't ask for a better team on your side. Can put your troubles in the back of your mind. Nick and his team has your back as if you were family.
Heris G.
read moreI would like to take the time to say how grateful I am for LV Criminal Defense to have represented me in court, you are a team of incredibly professional criminal lawyers with very kind hearts who care about clients and their future. I appreciate everything you have done to work things out with my financial situations, for the good guidance you've given me, for making my family feel protected and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Mr. Wooldridge is AMAZING! I have had the satisfaction of meeting him. He is very natural and pleasant. He is honest about what he believes he can achieve. In his words, he will not ask a question that he does not already understand the answer to. In a word, Mr. Wooldridge is AMAZING!! I would suggest him to anyone in need of an attorney. Finally, I would like to add, he is very fair with pricing and achieves wonders. We had a very intimidating international cybercrime case that promised to unsettle us for decades. However, with these folks we got that down to a misdemanor and almost no prison time!!! My son has another opportunity in his future, and we owe all this to Nick. Thank you, guys!
Chris Waller
read moreNicholas was well versed and his experience was obvious in his interaction and negotiation with the prosecution team. I highly recommend Nicholas and his team for anyone in need of his services.
Kyle Broussard
read moreGreat staff, they were knowledgeable and attentive to my issues. I called on a Saturday and they immediately started working on my case. They responded quickly to any question I had. I felt they really cared and were passionate about my case. Attorney Wooldridge was top notch, professional, and he was able to get the result I needed. Worth every penny. I wouldn't trust my case to any other firm.
Merideth Salsbury
read moreNicholas Wooldridge and his whole team were very attentive to my family. I never had any problems with getting in touch with them when I needed to no matter the time of day. There was always an open line of comunication between us. Wooldridge law office had a sympathetic caring approach to our case, and the outcome couldn't have been more perfect. I would highly recommend the use of this law office, and if I ever am in the need for this type of defense again I would not go anywhere else.
Dulce Valdes
read moreNick Woodrige was very hopeful towards the case. He was very honest with my family & I about all of our possibilities. He kept in touch with our family member whom was in custody and us very well with any updates or options. Case turned out better than we expected. Highly recommend!
Jason Rheon
read moreIn Las Vegas, Attorney LV Criminal Defense is the best legal representation you can get to handle a criminal case. LV Criminal defense helped me through a very difficult time and their client care was really good, I would definitely recommend!
Bobbie Dubie
read moreI have never had to face in my life the circumstances with the law that I have had to in the last year and a half, I was incarcerated and my wife through many long hours of researching through the internet, spoke to several other attorneys and was unable to find one that could speak to her in a way that she felt comfortable, informed, or that they appeared to be committed to being involved. After speaking with several attorney, Nicholas was the only one that took the time to listen and explain in a caring fashion, what we would be facing to resolve the situation that we were in. He did not sugar coat nor did he make any false promises. The only thing that remained was his commitment to my case. The energy that he and his staff exhibited was absolutely amazing. If you are in trouble and you need a lawyer, a friend, and someone that is committed to resolve your situation he is definitely the man for the job. Words can not describe what he and Adam have done for us to get our lives back. Gentlemen thank you and God Bless.
Kristie H.
read moreUsed this law firm recently and had to say they did an amazing job. They did so much work for me and always kept me updated on what was going on. Highly recommend these guys. Nick and Adam were great to work with. Thanks again.
Christina Hooks
read moreIn May, 2017, my son got himself into serious trouble and was facing prison time for his actions. Desperate and scared, I contacted several attorneys who all were not very optimistic of my son getting out of serving prison time for his stupid actions. My boy had never gotten into trouble before and now because of one terrible stupid mistake, he was facing losing years of his life. I reached out to my friend who referred me to Nick Wooldridge for help. Nick was honest with his opinion and told me that although the situation was not good, he believed he could help my son. Throughout the whole process, Adam was attentive and quick to reply with my updates requests. Nick made my son feel hopeful and when it was all over, he truly was a miracle worker. I am and always will be grateful for the caring and hard work that Nick put into my son's case. I'm utterly amazed by the results as my son is now in boot camp followed by probation and will not be going to prison. A second chance for a good boy who made a very bad decision. Thank you Nick and Adam forever for giving my son that second chance at a good life.


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LV Criminal Defense
read moreGetting arrested and charged with a crime in Nevada can be confusing and stressful. When will you get out of jail? What type of penalties do you face? How will your loved ones react? What will happen to your job? If you have been arrested in Las Vegas, it may be tempting to listen to what friends and family or even law enforcement have to say about what you should do and why. But every criminal case is different, and your freedom and criminal record should not be left to chance and guesswork. Instead, your best defense is having an experienced and qualified Las Vegas criminal defense attorney like Nick Wooldridge at your side every step of the way.
About Us
read moreWhen you have a criminal record, your life is affected in profound ways. When employers or landlords conduct a background check and a criminal record shows up, you could find yourself deprived of opportunities to work or rent a home in the place where you would prefer. The good news is, there are circumstances when you can get your record sealed so the information about your past involvement with the criminal justice system will no longer be freely available to anyone who wants it. While record sealing used to be a very arduous process, the rules have now changed in Nevada to make it easier for you to seal your record under appropriate circumstances.
DUI Lawyer Las Vegas
read moreYou may have seen billboards which state, "Buzzed driving is drunk driving." This statement is actually true: a charge for driving under the influence does not require a person to act like they are drunk, such as slurring or being unable to walk correctly. Instead, the law considers the blood alcohol concentration of the driver to determine whether they are driving under the influence. If your blood alcohol concentration is.08 percent or above, DUI charges can be brought against you. Your BAC creates the presumption you are too impaired to drive, even if you actually aren't.
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