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Private Investigator in Albany, NY Mission Possible Investigations Private Detectives supply you with the critical information you need to make decisions in business, litigation and individual matters. Mission Possible Investigations Private Investigators situated in Albany, New York, supply the following Investigative services to name a few. Investigative services include Attorney Services, Criminal Investigations, Civil Investigations, Insurance Fraud Investigations, Workmans Compensation Investigations, Mortgage Fraud, Missing Persons Investigations, Matrimonial or Infidelity Investigations, Child Custody Investigations, Elder Abuse & Neglect Investigations.

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Mission Possible Investigations
read moreMission Possible Investigations works with law firms of all sizes and assist attorneys with a variety of investigative strategies to improve their civil, criminal and family law cases. Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations are well-versed in the legal system and understand the importance of collecting evidence that is reliable, time sensitive, accurate and legal. Mission Possible Investigations will never gather evidence by illegal means jeopardizing your case. Investigators are former law enforcement, state investigators and legal advocates.
Mission Possible Investigations
read moreMany individuals have concerned about the custody of their children and what happens during custodial visits. If you are seeking more information and looking to make a change to custody arrangements, child custody surveillance is probably the way to go. Mission Possible Investigations houses a specially trained child abuse and neglect investigator with over 15 years in the child welfare field. Having worked side by side with law enforcement, prosecutors and child protective services, we know the system for all its strengths and its weakness because we were the system.
Conducting Criminal Defense Investigations
read morePrivate investigators are routinely involved in criminal defense investigations and if utilized effectively are an essential part of the defense team. Investigators should have the proper training and experience to be most effective on these cases. Attorneys and private clients should exercise caution in retaining a private investigator who does not have prior criminal defense investigation experience or experience within the criminal justice system. A private investigator involved in a criminal case can serve a variety of investigative needs including but not limited to; interviews with the attorney and the client and all witnesses; obtain and analyze evidence; check police reports, ambulance/medical hospital records, court transcripts from all proceedings, complaints/indictments, the physical evidence, and check and review statements of prosecution witnesses for inconsistencies; and understand the defense theory - what is the defense attorney attempting to establish or disprove.
read moreAt the end of Aug, Jamie Richardson, CEO of Mission Possible Investigation, was a guest on "PI's Declassified!" a podcast run by licensed private investigator Francie Koehler. This is the second time Jamie has provided his expertise on the podcast. In Aug, the topic was focused on cohabitation investigations. Cohabitation investigations are one of the most frequently requested investigations at Mission Possible Investigations. These investigations are typically part of a larger divorce or child custody case and often result in a change in child support and alimony agreements.
Mission Possible Investigations
read moreIt's never an easy time when you suspect that your partner may be unfaithful. The uncertainty and constant wondering and worrying is worse than knowing the truth. Mission Possible Investigations helps clients of all backgrounds and circumstances find out if their partner is being unfaithful. Mission Possible Investigations collects information about your partner's day and night activities and with whom they interact. Private Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations use high quality surveillance video and photographic equipment to gather evidence.
Child Custody
read moreWhen choosing a private investigator for your child custody case it's important that the investigator you choose is well-versed in child welfare issues, know the local laws and are experienced in interviews and mobile and stationary surveillance as well as utilizing covert surveillance equipment when the case calls for it. You need an investigator who is also prepared and sensitive to the situation and prepared to testify in court should the case call for it, which in our experience has happened many times.
Catching Cheaters
read moreWhat was once considered a need for divorce court in New York State has turned into evidence for peace of mind in many relationships. When most people think of hiring a private investigator, one of the first kinds of cases that come to mind is a cheating spouse/ partner case. When Mission Possible Investigations first started back in 2007, the majority of these cases we handled were focused on gathering evidence of an affair for court proceedings. Since 2010, with a change in New York State's divorce law to include no-fault divorce, the case work has continued but for very different reasons.
Catching a Stalker
read moreOctober is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and one of the crimes with DV is stalking. Private investigators have routinely been called in to help stalking victims identify a stalker's patterns, behaviors and to catch them in the act. Take for instance Joan's story. My life felt out of control. No matter what I did he was there, calling, showing up, sending gifts, Joan described. What we finally realized was he created a fake Facebook account and became friends with my friends, which gave him access to photos of me, my comments and other information.
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