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Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Odessa, TX We've been assisting patients look and feel better with bioidentical hormones for over ten years. Our clinic was initially solely an Austin-based natural bioidentical hormone practice. We then expanded to Odessa, Texas, College Station, Texas, and now Slidell, Louisiana. Natural Bio Health now provides personalized weight loss programs in which we use our extensive experience and experience with bioidentical hormones to assist our patients lose weight. We're constantly learning and striving to supply the most efficient and safest services to our patients health concerns.

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2410 North Grandview Avenue
Odessa, TX
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read moreSince 1999, our providers have dedicated their careers to changing lives for the better by providing natural, safe and effective wellness solutions. Whether the personal struggles are with hormone imbalance, weight gain, trouble sleeping, energy levels, decreased libido, chronic migraines or depression, our providers can help you restore your quality of life and achieve optimal mental and physical health. We are committed to spending quality time listening to our patients to fully understand each patient's personal struggles and goals.
Weight Loss
read moreSince 1999, Natural Bio Health has been helping tens of thousands of patients lose weight and keep it off. There are a growing number of health concerns related to weight issues including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, increased chance of cancer, diabetes, gout, gallbladder disease and more. Excess weight can also cause stress on the body causing poor circulation and decreased energy levels, as well as the onset of depression. If you are concerned about your weight and your health risks, Natural Bio Health can help you achieve a healthy weight and maintain weight loss for life.
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