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Driveway & Paving Company in Nashua, NH We currently have a knowledgeable team of long term employees, a huge fleet of state of the art equipment and the finest products to complete your job on time with minimal disruption to your business. We provide a complete array of services to help you in conquering any pavement maintenance need. By selecting New England Sealcoating as your pavement maintenance expert, you not only get the industry's leading products, you get an expert contractor committed to excellence and trained to apply a comprehensive pavement maintenance system.

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Pavement & Sport Surface Crack
read moreCrack sealing is the foundation of a successful maintenance program for any type of pavement. Every 2 to 3 years, pavement should be inspected to see if additional crack sealing is required. The most important Preventative Maintenance step you can do for your parking lot is crack sealing! Crack sealing your asphalt will help prevent water from penetrating into your sub-base which is a major cause of pavement failure. By using state-of-the-art equipment to install hot applied joint sealants (meeting or exceeding FAA, ASTM and MHD standards) New England Sealcoating seals these cracks shut.
Asphalt Pavement Patching & Repairs
read moreAs asphalt ages, it will require repairs to maximize the life of the remaining pavement. Patching dangerous potholes, sunken catch basins, broken, heaved, or alligatored areas is essential to the maintenance of your pavement. The type of patching is determined by the cause of the failure and the service it is intended to provide. Reinforcing fabrics extend the life of new asphalt pavements and overlays. When placed between pavement layers, it becomes an integral part of the pavement, forming a barrier to water infiltration and absorbing stresses to reduce reflective and fatigue cracking of the new asphalt surface.
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