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Medical Center in Waukegan, IL When his daughter was hospitalized at birth, Randall Lipps observed much inefficiency in the way hospital provides were managed, and he saw that it prevented nursing team from spending more time directly caring for patients. He established Omnicell. In 1992 on the premise that better management of provides and medications would improve a hospital's level of care by allowing clinicians to spend more time with their patients. Mr. Lipps has served as Omnicell's Chairman since the firm's founding, and in 2002 he assumed the additional position of President and Chief Executive Officer.

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read moreIn this ABC News coverage, Danny Sanchez, Vice President and General Manager for Omnicell's EnlivenHealth division, discusses the challenges of rolling out the vaccine to millions of Americans and the promise of high tech solutions to aid in the endeavor. EnlivenHealth offers solutions to retail pharmacies that can help facilitate vaccine scheduling and reporting. Workflow automation tools to ensure clinicians have safe, efficient, and secure access to the right medication at the right time across all points of care.
Omnicell Professional Services
read moreGuided by the developed plan, the program engagement leader manages installation, training, and execution of each element of the plan, reporting the progress using the defined success criteria and KPIs. In partnership with your healthcare facility, the Omnicell professional services program team works to define goals and outcomes through custom solution design, requirement definitions, success criteria, change management strategy, and program governance structure.
Physician Medication Dispensing
read morePrevent medication errors in the operating room and help patients succeed with their medication regimens with Omnicell's medication dispensing systems for hospitals and medication adhrence solutions. Whether you're an anesthesia provider in the hospital or a primary care physician, your priority is a good outcome for the patient. This can be challenging when many factors are out of your control. But medication management is one area where you can make an impact. Omnicell delivers physician medication management solutions to the entire continuum of care-acute, long-term, and population health.
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