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Medical Center in Waukegan, IL Parenting Partners. Is a surrogacy agency situated in Illinois providing information, education, matching and guidance to customers involved in surrogacy arrangements from beginning to end. Shirley Zager, who is the volunteer Director of OPTS -The Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy, is the Director of Parenting Partners. She is a parent through surrogacy and a surrogacy educator, writer, speaker, legislative activist and advocate. These attributes as well as her background as a job recruiter and her contacts with many fine specialists in the field around the country.

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Parenting Partners
read moreChoosing surrogacy is a very personal experience and taking the first step towards building your family this unique way, or offering to help someone become a parent can sometimes be overwhelming. We are here to support you as you embark on this wonderful journey! Our goal is to provide information, education, matching and guidance to our clients from beginning to end. At Parenting Partners we specialize in individualized, and personal arrangements. We will help you navigate the intricacies of the surrogacy process through our extensive experience and dedication.
read moreOne of the decisions you will make is whether to work with a relative, friend, find a match on the internet or use a surrogacy service. With a number of services and internet and boards available, why use Parenting Partners? This program does not reveal your name, address, phone or sensitive information about you to anyone not involved in your arrangement. We don't send your application or profile information to other agencies. We're typical with clients a year and a half to two years. This program is smaller.
read moreAre you an infertile couple in the Chicago area in need of a surrogate to carry your baby? Please call (847) 782-0224 to inquire about available surrogates registered with Parenting Partners. Thinking about being an egg donor? If you're 18-27 and in great health and in the Chicago area, please email Shirley Zager for a referral. We'll try to help you get on your way! Happily married mature couple has embryos ready to go! If you are from Illinois, settled down and stable, do not drink, smoke or do drugs, are a healthy weight and have had no problems in pregnancy/delivery and have your own health care plan (not the medical card), please call Shirley at 847-782-0224 for details.
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