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Doctors & Clinics in Memphis, TN We're a complete scope optometric practice committed to delivering the best quality vision care to kids and adults in a friendly, comfortable, and professional atmosphere. With a well trained team and state of the art equipment, we go beyond 20/20.

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Pediatric Vision Assoc-Memphis - Glen T Steele OD
read moreWhat we offer as solutions to our patients are successful exercises/procedures that remedy the current problem. When we refer to "exercises" as one of the solutions we utilize, this does not necessarily mean we are trying to strengthen your eye muscles specifically. These types of exercise for your eyes are meant to assist in improving your vision, as your eyes are already strong as is. A sports vision training program can be individualized to fit your specific needs and goals. For example, in archery it is important to know which eye is dominant so you can choose the right bow to align with the target.
About Us
read moreWe currently live in a society today that is consistently progressing with technology and making a variety of aspects in life a bit easier. Technology and progress in the medical field has shown how far we have come with the treatments we are able to provide and vision problems that were once left to go untreated. At Institute For Vision Development, we provide astounding vision therapy treatments to patients of all ages. We believe in ensuring our patients receive essential vision therapy in order to remedy their vision problems.
Vision Therapy Services in Hixson
read moreIn today's society we are consistently progressing in the medical field and the ways that we can help patients. Throughout the years a wide variety of medical problems that were once incurable are now easily diagnosed and treated quicker. One of the most important elements to an individual's life is their vision. It is vital that if you notice any problems whatsoever with your vision to find a solution immediately. Problems with your vision are not issues that you want to leave unattended for a long time as permanent damage could be the end result.
New Patients
read moreOne of the scariest and uncomfortable situations some individuals experience is having to deal with new medical problems. No matter if it is a minor issue or a major problem that requires surgery, undergoing new medical treatments for the first time can put anyone in an uneasy state of mind. However, we are proud to state with confidence that Vision Therapy is one of the best routes for an individual to take when improving vision capabilities. At Institute For Vision Development, we are extremely humble and proud to serve the local community with vision therapy services.
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