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Chiropractor in Bellevue, WA PrimeSpine, is a Chiropractic and Massage clinic with locations in Kirkland and Bellevue that has established a family-oriented health center that focuses on locating the cause of health problems, not just treating the symptoms. We are excellent at finding the source of pain and treating it but theres so many more benefits to what we do. Through the most thorough Kirkland chiropractic care, we will restore the various systems and functions of your body by a completely natural approach. We assist your body to return to a healthy state.

Dr. Ben Baker is a graduate of Northwestern Chiropractic College in Bloomington, Minnesota. He has a passion for natural health care and wellness principles. Dr.Baker has post-doctoral training in the areas of wellness education, strength training and the practice of acupuncture. Dr. Baker is thrilled to be trained in this healing profession and takes his responsibilities as a doctor of chiropractic very seriously. To deepen his knowledge, he studied advanced chiropractic techniques. He also became certified in chiropractic wellness through the International Chiropractors Associations Council on Wellness Science and completed the coursework leading toward full licensure. He continues to advance his knowledge in nutrition and chiropractic arts.

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4122 Factoria Boulevard Southeast #203
Bellevue, WA
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read moreBy maintaining optimal health, your body will become less susceptible to disease and back injury, as well as decrease your pain levels!
Our goal is to provide our patients with the highest quality service possible. Education is one of our highest values at PrimeSpine. We are the leaders in Kirkland in regards to chiropractic education. We believe your treatment begins as soon as you walk in the door. Unlike most doctors offices, our treatment center is arranged to be a relaxing environment. Please avoid preventable degeneration to your discs and joints and let us assist you with your back injuries.

Below are many of the conditions we routinely treat at:

Treatment for car accident and auto injuries

Headache Treatment
Low and Mid back pain
Neck pain
Sports injuries
Work injuries and L & I
Whiplash and sciatica
Shoulder injuries
Knee and ankle issues
Migraines and scoliosis
Restriction of movement
Forward head posture
Torticollis and fibromyalgia, etc.


JaniceT at Citysearch
read moreGentle treatments work well for me! I have fibromyalgia and I live with chronic pain. Dr. Baker is a blessing. He has given me the gentle chiropractic care I need to feel better. I am confident that my posture and spine are thriving since I met Dr. Baker. As a very sensitive woman I require a chiropractor who has expertise treating people with special needs and I couldnt be more pleased with my kirkland chiropractor.
Lauren ‎
read moreIm a runner and need minor posture improvements after my races. This clinic is fantastic to work with. They are focused on me exclusively when Im in the office. I feel better after my adjustments and am certain my running benefits from them. The office is very comfortable and fun to be at. Dr. Baker uses a technique thats something like graston (I think) that helps my shin splints and tight muscles. This is way beyond what I would expect from a typical chiropractor. Bring on the Boston! 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes No Flag as inappropriate
read moreDr. Ben is excellent. If you want a specialist who takes the time to get to know you and address your questions, look no further than the office of Dr. Ben! This guy knows his stuff and is a pleasure to work with!

Key People

Sarah Kelly
read moreHello, my name is Sarah. Growing up I was treated by a Chiropractor where I had learned the benefits of a healthy spine. I cannot say enough about how much Chiropractic has helped me throughout my life. My children were also raised with Chiropractic care; through growing pains, sports, and just everyday activities. It truly was a blessing to have such great care without have to give them or myself medications. I will be handling all appointments and take care of our patients when they come in and upon leaving. Im inspired by everyones stories about how Chiropractic has made your life better. I am very excited to meet each and every one of you!
Peggy Kelley
read moreMy name is Peggy and I am the behind the scenes member of our team. I am a native Washingtonian and although I love to travel, I would never live anywhere else. After having the privilege of being a stay at home mom for two very active sons, I decided to go back to school when my eldest left for college. After enrolling in art school, I found myself putting in all nighters and stressing over homework, along with my son Matt who was a senior in High school. After a very strenuos and exciting couple of years and with my degree in hand, I entered the field of graphic design. Eventually I had the opportunity to start my own business, which gave me the chance to indulge in my two passions- art and travel!


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read morePrimeSpine, is a Chiropractic and Massage clinic with locations inKirklandandBellevuethat has established a family-oriented health center that focuses on locating the cause of health problems, not just "treating" the symptoms. We are excellent at finding the source of pain and treating it but there's so many more benefits to what we do. Through the most thorough Kirkland chiropractic care, we will restore the various systems and functions of your body by a completely natural approach. We assist your body to return to a healthy state.
read moreThere are many different types of headaches. Some people are lucky enough to rarely get headaches and others are plagued by migraines and chronic neck pain regularly. There are different types including tension headaches, migraines, headaches from dehydration and sinus headaches. As a chiropractor in Kirkland, I see many people with complaints of headaches. Below is an explanation of the most common types of headaches we treat at PrimeSpine Chiropractic Center. Tension Headaches:These are by far the most common form of headaches.
Back Pain
read moreThere are a myriad of reasons one will have lower back pain, including: sprained ligaments, muscle strains, bulging disks, trigger points and inflamed joints. Whilewhiplashor accidents can lead to injury and pain, often the slightest movements we do irritate our low back causing pain. This can occur due to arthritis, badposture, obesity and stress. Many things can cause lower back pain. Low back pain can lead to very serious conditions if ignored. AtPrimeSpinewe are experts in the Kirkland area in treating back pain and back injuries.
read moreOur bodies were designed to consume natural, fresh foods such as vegetables and free range animals. We need to fuel our bodies with the appropriate nutrients in order to flourish. Chiropracticcare requires the bodies healing powers from within which begin by the fuel we provide to it. It's time to start respecting our bodies and genetic blueprints and take responsibility for our choices in food consumption. In this day and age we hear of numerous diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease to name a few, that can be helped by improving our physical health.
read moreHave you ever experienced a migraine? If this is the case, then chiropractic care can help relieve both the stabbing pain in your back and the throbbing in your head. Migraines can have different causes. For some people the trigger is bleached flour or some other food. Other people find that the migraines roll in along with low pressure fronts. But poor spinal alignment or a herniated disc in the upper back can also cause migraines for some people. If you are suffering from recurrent migraines and have been unable to find a trigger, consider visiting Dr. Baker in Kirkland to see if he can help you with your migraines and upper back pain.
read moreSciatica refers to the irritation of the sciatic nerve which is one of the largest nerves running through our legs. Any disturbance in the pathway of the sciatic nerve causes various set of symptoms including pain which is quite severe. All these set of symptoms are known as sciatica. Sciatica is caused by compression of sciatic nerve. Treatment of sciaticais being offered in different ways these days. Treatment can include various self-care measures. Treatment of sciaticamay include the application of alternating hot and cold packs; stretching exercises and the usage of the over the counter medications like analgesics and physiotherapy.
read moreWhiplash Injuries inKirkland, Bothell and Bellevue- Most commonly from Auto Accidents. AtPrimeSpinewe are here to Give You Pain Relief! Whiplash injury occurs when the body reacts to a deceleration or acceleration force by hyper-flexion or hyper-extension of the neck. Dr. Baker is a specialist intreating whiplash injuries, car and auto accident injuries and sports injuries. Whiplash injuries are extremely common in car accidents. Whiplash injuries occur usually during a car accident. After all you haverecently been through you deserve neck pain relief.
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