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Chances are if you sat through an agency creative presentation back in the days BSM (Before Social Media) you possibly heard your fill of the importance of breaking through the clutter. The idea being that because the user is exposed to as many as 4, 000 marketing messages (primarily via mass media) per day, we need to create something amazing that is going to be among the 12 or so he will remember the next day. Funny how you do not really hear much anymore about breaking through the clutter. Today, we preach the gospel of going viral.

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Quisenberry Marketing & Design
read moreWe are a full service marketing, branding and advertising agency located in downtown Spokane, Washington. For over 20 years, our strategy, design and execution have helped large and small clients alike grow their business. Quisenberry possesses the level of experience to know what works, as well as the agility required to change direction on a dime.
read morePerhaps you've noticed our logo. Yes, it's a "Q" for the obvious reason. Yet it conveys a deeper story. The Q is representative of the queen in chess - the ultimate game of strategy. And strategy is the lynchpin to successful advertising. The queen is a versatile strategist willing to fight the battle. She also thrives through teamwork. Her game is focused on keeping the king (our clients) alive, and on top. It's quite an appropriate analogy, as Quisenberry works tirelessly to elevate our clients and help them win.
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read moreSales for Reed National's Driver Recruitment Events had plateaued across the country. To take their business to the next level, they needed to hire an advertising agency. Quisenberry was brought on board and our first step was a deep-dive into the events, category and psyche of the two target audiences to determine how to grow attendance at the events. As an emerging competitor in the exhibit design industry for science centers and children's museums, Flexhibit brought Quisenberry onto their team to help build their brand into a nationwide force.
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