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Disability Services in Hayward, CA
Disability Services in Hayward, CA Rollin' Along is a family operated business that supplies one-on-one personalized service in the comfort of your own home. We'll talk to you about your mobility problems, educate you and your family to what the options are and recommend the right solution. When you call Rollin' Along, you speak directly with us and we answer your questions personally, seven days a week. Whether you need a stair elevator, ramp, porch lift, turning automotive seat or vehicle scooter, powerchair or wheelchair lift, we can assist guide you to making a decision you'll be cheerful with.

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486 Sunset Boulevard
Hayward, CA
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Rollin' Along
read moreRollin' Along Inc. offers a wide variety of mobility assistance solutions to the San Francisco Bay Area. We are VA Ready and C11 Certified for commercial lift installations in the state of California.
About Us
read moreDavid Lincer founded Rollin' Along in 1998 with a commitment to bringing people freedom through mobility. An electrical engineer by trade, David bought a scooter repair shop in San Francisco with the idea of bringing quality service directly to the customer. David understood that a broken scooter meant that a vital person could not live their life to the fullest. On-site service would help to get that person up and rolling faster. That's why Rollin' Along now offers on-site service, sales and installation.
Scooter & Wheel Chair Repairs
read moreRollin' Along is an Authorized Service Representative of all of the above brands. Our repair service is second to none. We care enough to make sure that we repair it right the first time. We understand that when your mobility equipment is out of service, it means that you are deprived of your freedom and independence. Because of this we are always searching for ways to make your mobility equipment stronger and more reliable. Whenever possible, we will use longer lasting, more reliable parts and stronger bolts.
Wheel Chair Ramps
read moreGetting in and out of the house, or from one level to another, often means negotiating stairs. To some, stairs are difficult and dangerous, and when using a scooter, powerchair or wheel chair, stairs are impassable. Ramps allow you to bypass the steps and smoothly traverse from one level to the next, safely and easily. Ramps come in many sizes to fit a variety of situations. Rollin' Along will customize a wheelchair ramp to your needs, picking the right material and construction as your application dictates.
read moreTake your chair with you! Taking your scooter, power chair or wheelchair with you maintains your independence and freedom. There are wheelchair/scooter lifts to fit every need and budget. The crane design picks up your mobility vehicle with a hook and line, like the picture above. The newest variety of lift, called a Hybrid Inside/Outside lift, puts a platform out on the ground and then lifts and stows the mobility vehicle inside.
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