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Driveway & Paving Company in Erie, PA Today, Russell Standard, family owned, employs over 350 workers servicing virtually every municipality in the region. Russell Standard provides both new construction and support of virtually any asphalt-related project, from private driveways to interstate highways. Additionally, Russell Standard is a manufacturer of asphalt materials, emulsions and coatings. In the more than 70 years since Niles E. Russell established Russell Standard Corporation, the firm has become a major industry innovator, introducing new and proprietary paving products, processes and machinery to address the requirements of modern road construction.

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2002 Pittsburgh Avenue
Erie, PA
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read moreRussell Standard Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is a leading provider of asphalt emulsions, liquid asphalt products and preventive maintenance services for the road construction industry. With a highly trained and dedicated team, we meet our customers' ever-changing needs and enable them to build a better infrastructure in their communities. We specialize in asphalt maintenance, road preservation and repair. Russell Standard also offers a full range of asphalt emulsions, cold mix asphalt mixes, and asphalt protective coatings to state and local governments and contractors who are performing their own paving projects.
Russell Standard
read moreBituminous Seal Coating, or tar and chip process, is a mainstay of roadway preservation and our capabilities in this area are well known throughout the region. With computerized distributor trucks and calibrated chippers, Russell Standard is equipped to handle projects of any size. Whether it's doing a job from start to finish or just distributing oil, our products, equipment and operators bring a differentiating level of professional performance to each job.
Russell Standard
read moreRussell Standard has the superior products, machinery, manpower and know-how to handle all sizes and types of resurfacing projects from interstate highways to country roads, and all points in between. Our experience and long history of quality workmanship is why we're one of the oldest contractors in Pennsylvania. For Russell Standard, resurfacing parking lots is a turnkey operation. Whatever level of work is needed, we get the job done to perfection. Our asphalt products and proven methods of application can make quick work of any parking lot project.
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