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College in Rochester, MN Established in 1858, Winona State University is a complete public university with more than 8, 500 students. The oldest member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, Winona State offers 80 undergraduate, pre-professional, licensure, graduate, and doctorate programs on its three campuses: the original Main Campus in Winona, the West Campus in Winona, and Winona State University-Rochester.

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300 Eleventh Avn NW Suite 112
Rochester, MN
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State Of Minnesota
read moreWith a new year comes new plans, and the possibilities are endless at Winona State. It's our job to help you succeed, and we've got the #1 student success rate to show for it. So make this year about your future and about meeting what's possible for you. Now more than ever, technology is important for academic success. That's why WSU provides every student with a laptop - to build in the flexibility we all need. Learn what our students say are the top perks of the eWarrior Program. Come Fall 2021, WSU will become the only institution in Minnesota that offers an undergraduate degree in Public Health Nutrition.
About Us
read moreA college education is an investment in your future. Like any other investment, it's important to understand the financial aid process so you can make the best choice for your needs. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the main application you need to apply for financial aid at WSU. Financial aid counselors are available to help you understand how you can fund your college education. Contact the Financial Aid Office at or stop by the Warrior Hub to talk in person.
Next Steps
read moreWe can't wait for you to join us on campus in the fall. You are going to have a great time learning new skills, exploring your limits and getting to know interesting people. Your student wouldn't have made it this far without your support. Here's how you can continue to help your student as they start the next stage of their lives at WSU. If you have any remaining questions after all of this, we'll connect you to the right people. FAFSA is your friend. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the main step you take to apply for financial aid.
read moreAs one of first universities in the U.S. to provide laptops to students, WSU knows how important technology is to your education and daily life. So we give you the technology tools you need to learn, work, discover and play all day every day. Through our eWarrior program, you get a fully configured laptop with all the programs and software you need. You'll have the latest version of programs commonly used in the working world, like the Office 365 Suite, and specialized software like Adobe Creative Suite.
Admissions Requirements
read moreIf you do not meet these requirements, don't worry, we strongly encourage you to apply. Our admissions team will individually review your application to determine your potential success at WSU based on your strength of your GPA, your ACT/SAT test scores, and your academic progression. WSU may also request additional information before an admission decision is made. Transfer students who have completed at least 24 credits at a nationally accredited college or university with a 2.4 GPA or higher will generally be admitted.
Transfer to WSU
read moreIf you're looking for a change or ready to continue your journey, it's time to transfer to WSU. With high-quality programs and expert faculty, you'll get the education you need to start your career. Our student success stories speak for themselves. Not to mention all the natural beauty between bluffs and the river that make the Warrior life so much sweeter. And many of those programs are flexible with your schedule, offering online, hybrid and evening classes. Plus, the Transfer Pathways programs make it easy for you to move seamlessly from a two-year college to WSU.
Warrior Life
read moreThere's a club for that! With more than 200 clubs - from hockey and rock climbing to art making and video gaming, plus a robust Greek life- our campus has something for everyone. And if you're a self-described bench-warmer, cheering on the Warriors on game days can get the heart pumping as much as running laps and Zumba classes at the Integrated Wellness Complex. Full of surprises and stunning scenery --bluffs, lakes, the Mississippi River--Winona is like a giant outdoor playground. More than just a beautiful place, Winona is a historic river town with its own vibe.
MyWSU Portal
read moreDon't settle for general info about WSU. Create a MyWSU account to get a custom collection of updates, events and stories based on your interests. When you apply for admission, you make an account with the Minnesota State College and University system called your StarID. Once you've been accepted, you'll find a checklist that outlines your next steps for housing, financial aid and more. You can also opt in to receive text messages reminding you about upcoming events or next steps you still need to take.
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