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Preschool in Miami, FL Welcome to The Childrens First Pre - School! This is a special time in your child's life and choosing the school that is best for them is an integral decision. Your child will be learning new things such as academic skills, social skills, self confidence, and motor skills. In fact, the years before your child enters a formal education setting will be the most important and valuable time to his or her development. Parents play a major role in helping their child reach his or her maximum potential.

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10870 Southwest 113 Pl
Miami, FL
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read moreOur goal is to re-create an atmosphere of nurturing love and security where each child can grow and develop according to their individual needs. We are experienced and have been SERVING SOUTH FLORIDA SINCE 1988. We believe that parents play a major role in helping their child reach his or her maximum potential. Research in the area of child development points out that most of a child's intellectual development takes place before he or she enter a formal classroom. This means that children spend a great deal of time with their first and perhaps the most important teacher - their parents.
Universal Pre-K Miami
read moreIt is important for a child care center to be part of the Universal Pre-K program because traditionally prekindergarten has been viewed as an educational experience while child care has been perceived as caregiving to enable parents to work. Through our programs we teach children the skills they need to learn to read, do math, make progress in science and other areas, as well as, begin to understand the world and how it works. This helps children become more familiar with books, words and ways to use language, numbers and problem-solving strategies.
Pre school Miami
read moreOur program is based on the philosophy that children learn best by doing. Our hands-on approach includes a balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities each day. It is our goal to address the need of the whole child in a way that makes learning fun and meaningful. All learning activities are age appropriate that stimulates brain development, language development, promotes small and large muscle coordination, and much more. Children ages two through five years continue working with the alphabet, phonics, numbers, and lessons in safety, health, manners, etc.
Quality Day Care Miami
read moreUnder Ms. Samaroo's visionary leadership and continued guidance, The Children's First Preschool has grown to become known for its first class administration, advanced curriculum, character education, cleanliness, customer service, safety, and industry leading standards. Over a course of approximately 4 decades, Ms. Samaroo has founded several children related businesses to include For Kids Sake Preschool Inc., Paradise Lakes Learning Center Inc., and her most recent endeavor of Oxford Academy of Miami Inc. Public Charter School.
Daycare Miami
read moreInfants may enroll as early as six weeks. Infants are given stimulating toys and activities to experiment with at their own pace. Our teachers use various forms of entertainment such as finger puppets, storytelling, and directional songs and games, which serve to acquaint them with the function needed for classroom participation at an older age. Our infant rooms are warm and homelike to help the children feel comfortable and secure. Caregivers meet infants' needs consistently, promptly and lovingly in response to each child's individual schedule.
Kids Activities Miami
read moreThe Childrens First Pre - School host various different and exciting activities for the children and parents to participate in. We have seasonal events such as holiday plays and Kindergarten Graduation Ceremonies but we also work on making each day entertaining and educational. We help promote the importance of exercise through our jungle gym activities which allow the children to play in various playsets and learn hand-eye coordination, balance and team work. The Childrens First Pre - School takes field trips with the children to different venues to include: Local Pools, Miami Seaquarium, Roller Skating Rinks, Ice Skating Rinks, Movie Theatres etc.
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