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Language School in Kansas City, MO
Language School in Kansas City, MO In 1995, All World Languages & Cultures President and Senior Consultant, Emmanuel Ngomsi, Ph. D. Received the National Foreign Language Fellowship Award from The National Endowment for The Humanities and The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. In addition, he has been a guest speaker, lecturer, and presenter at various conferences' including The International Conference on Magnet Schools of America. Dr. Ngomsi is the creator of Yan-koloba, a multicultural teamwork, teambuilding and character building game rooted in African cultures.

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15804 East 78th Str
Kansas City, MO
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About Us
read moreALL WORLD LANGUAGES & CULTURES, INC. (AWLC), located in the Kansas City, Missouri area, is a minority-owned, certified small business offering services in the fields of diversity training, cultural education and foreign language service. AWLC trains and consults with corporations and government agencies worldwide. Our language trainers, interpreters, and translators work in more than 50 languages and are highly skilled and tested. Our diversity trainers develop strategies to create positive changes that will have a long-term impact on the organizational culture of your company, with the purpose of creating a diverse, safer and more productive working environment for all employees.
Language Services
read moreBusiness operations continue to expand beyond the borders of the USA even by firms of moderate size. There is a clear indication that businesses often attempt to reach market segments made up of people in the United States with specific cultural backgrounds that may include language differences. There is recognition on the part of business firms that effective communication is an essential element of good operational supervision and management. Language differences between workers and supervisors, between clients and the company, pose a problem when the work force is drawn from an environment characterized by pluralistic cultural backgrounds.
Racial Profiling
read moreRacial Profiling Education Solutions (RPES) is a solution-oriented series of diversified and highly participatory cultural education courses designed to provide law enforcement professionals with enhanced knowledge that allows them to better understand cultural differences, and improve their skills in interacting with the multicultural citizens they protect and serve. The ultimate outcome of RPES is to assist both the community and law enforcement to overcome their biases and develop among them positive, fair, and impartial relationships.
Cultural Diversity
read moreAll World Languages & Cultures, Inc. Cultural Diversity Education - Cultural Diversity in Kansas City Missouri All World Languages & Cultures, Inc. is committed to meeting the long-term challenges posed by the increasing diversity of an organization's workforce and clientele. All World Languages & Cultures offers the following cultural diversity training and educational services. 1. Cultural Diversity Awareness All people view the world through "cultural lenses" that we construct or are imposed upon us by society.
Yan-Koloba Training
read moreThis world renowned trainer says it all! COME SEE FOR YOURSELF, YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU CAME! Once you have trained with Yan-koloba, you will NEVER train without it again! Imagine a team building activity that reaches across all cultural boundaries and engages players of all ages in an exercise that teaches respect for self and others, trust, responsibility, acceptance, focus, all in a FUN, relaxed, and highly participatory environment. The results are raised self-esteem, enhanced leadership skills, and a more pronounced appreciation for teamwork!
Cetified Translation
read moreIn language translation, your goal is ours! Reach the largest number of clientele with the same consistent message in various world languages. Give us any document in any language and we will return it to you in the language of your choice. We provide translation of documents of different types and web sites. Regular and rush services available. We serve locally and nationwide. WHY CHOOSE ALL WORLD LANGUAGES & CULTURES, INC. FOR YOUR FOREIGN LANGUAGE TRANSLATION SERVICES? Because. We are proud that in more than 15 years of services, NOT a single one of our document has ever been returned to us for inappropriate translation and certification.
Global Leadership
read moreCommunication between supervisors and employees who share the same language and culture is often difficult enough, but leaders and managers who supervise employees of varying nationalities face particularly difficult challenges. Why? Because each of us views the world through "cultural lenses" constructed by us or imposed on us by society. Most of the time, we are not aware of our lenses. Most important, we forget to recognize that others wear lenses too; and that their lenses may be different than ours.
Our Approach
read moreThe increasing numbers of organizations and individuals seeking our assistance on One-On-One Diversity Coaching recognize that our only agenda is to help their employees succeed in working harmoniously and productively with others. We offer offers highly-personalized, one-on-one diversity coaching programs to individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, local, state and federal government agencies, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, business and religious organization. Once we receive the Coaching Referral Assessment from an client, we schedule a phone or in person meeting with the leader or individual who made the referral, so that we can a) gain a better understanding of the situation, and b) better explain our process.
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