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Auto Repair in Henderson, NV For over thirteen years, Valley Automotive Repairs & Service has offered motorists in the Henderson, NV 89011 area with comprehensive auto repair services that include Car Care Services, General Services, Undercar Services, Collision Repair Services, Heating and Cooling Services, Electrical Services, Transmission Services, Electronic Services, Internal Engine Services, Heavy-Duty Services, and Miscellaneous Services. Our mission is to provide the finest services available at sensible prices to get you back on the road in no time.

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255 Elliott Road # 16
Henderson, NV
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read moreComplete Auto Repair serving car owners throughout Henderson, Boulder City, Las Vegas, Anthem, Seven Hills and Black Mountain, NV since 2012! I'm proud of the work we do. For that reason, I invite you to check the reviews and find out what other car owners just like you are saying about our service! I welcome you to take us for a 'test drive' and book your next auto service in Henderson, NV with us now! I promise we'll work hard to earn your trust! If you just need some questions answered without any pushy sales talk, then just "ask-a-mechanic" here in Henderson NV and we will respond to you.
Auto Air Conditioning Henderson
read moreIf you've answered "yes" to any of those questions about your car air conditioning system, then you're in the right place! When it comes to your car's air conditioning system (or A/C system) there could be several reasons that cause your auto air conditioning system to stop blowing cold air. One of the most common ones is that it's probably low on refrigerant (often called freon). On older vehicles, the air conditioning systems held 3 to 4 pounds of refrigerant and sometimes even more. That meant if the system was low 3-4 ounces (or about 1/4 pound) the system would still blow cold air.
Brake Service
read moreRemember, your brakes are being worn every time you drive your car! For that reason, we recommend that you should have your brakes checked every 6 months or 6,000 miles (3,600kms) or as soon as you suspect any problems at all. You can book next auto service appointment for your brake inspection or other service online right now - it's fast, easy and convenient - even if it's 2:00am Sunday morning! With a simple inspection we'll be able to tell you how much life is left in your brake pads, inspect the brake rotors for excess wear and double check that brake cylinders aren't leaking and brake fluid.
Auto Repair & Service
read moreSearching for auto repair Henderson, NV? Here's the most common auto repair services we offer at Valley Automotive Auto Repair, Transmission & Auto Body Shop, located conveniently at 255 Elliott Rd #16 Henderson, NV 89011. I've been helping car owners in Henderson, NV since 2012 and you're welcome to pick up the phone and call us at 702-425-1445 if you have any questions. You're here now - so please take a moment to check the most common auto repair services we provide. Just looking at the auto services and maintenance available in Henderson, NV? Before you leave, don't forget to grab this new FREE report that will help you save money on auto service.
Check Engine Light Codes
read moreThe Check Engine Light (CEL) and the Codes are really a simple warning indicator that's telling you something about the systems on your car. When your vehicle's warning light comes on, it's telling you that the on-board computer has determined that a component or system is not working properly. Typically, the fault is in your emission control system. When that happens, one or more diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) get stored in the engine control module (your car's computer). These DTCs remain stored, even if the light goes out.
read moreValley Automotive - Auto Repair, Transmission & Auto Body Shop has been helping car owners with oil change service and synthetic oil changes throughout Henderson, Boulder City, Las Vegas, Anthem, Seven Hills and Black Mountain, NV since 2012! Having your oil changed on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running longer and better. Literally speaking, there simply is no other auto repair service that you can do that will keep your car in tip top performance and have it run for hundreds of thousands of miles.
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