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Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Vista, CA Situated in the middle of recently-renovated downtown Vista, California - The Yoga Vista Studio offers yoga classes for everyone! We're proud of our diverse community and invite you to join us for classes especially designed to suit your interests and requirements. In today's fast-paced world, give yourself a moment of peace and calm in our beautifully-designed serene studio setting. Complement any sport or exercise program with Yoga - you'll find what you need at Yoga Vista! Come join us!

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319 East Broadway
Vista, CA
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Yoga Vista
read morePractice with Us At Home! We have been filming our full-length Yoga Studio classes for years so that we can share our special style of Yoga that is for anyone, no matter your age or physical ability! We offer online Gentle, Senior, Therapeutic and Chair Yoga classes, Educational Seminars and Specialized Yoga Teacher Training programs. Get a taste of what we offer on our YouTube channel and you will see why we have so many subscribers! Our Mission is to train teachers in Gentle, Senior, Therapeutic and Chair Yoga to reach more boomers, seniors and people with mobility challenges in local neighborhoods taught by qualified and certified teachers.
About Us
read moreIt's been a journey. I met my octogenarian mentor, Mary Cavanaugh, at Lisette Hart's Yoga Vista studio. Together, Mary and I founded Yoga Journey Productions (YogaJP) to create Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga DVDs with a vision of helping seniors and people with limited mobility. We continued to work together until Mary's death in 2005, the year I bought the Yoga Vista Studio. YogaJP continues to produce Yoga DVDs and full-length live Yoga classes, with many of them shared on the YogaJP YouTube Channel which has a growing base of 10's of 1,000s subscribers.
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