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Music Lessons in Westminster, CO We're making an effort to present you with our whole spectrum of offers, music information and services by continually updating our site. At this point we supply a range of discount music items as well as information regarding our telephone numbers and e-mail's. The emphasis of our site is on music services and products such as piano tuning and repair, piano moving, piano lessons, guitar lessons, music products and books. If these topics are of interest to you. Please browse through our web page and check back often for updates.

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read moreA complete 5-piece electronic kit packed with features at a price that'll allow you to explore electronic drumming without the steep price tag of most kits! The Yamaha DTXPLORER is an electronic drum set that brings Yamaha's renowned electronic drum technology within reach of the beginner, hobbyist, and educator. The 5-piece electronic drum kit features high-impact single-zone rubber pads with natural feel and rebound, a kick pedal, hi-hat controller module, rack, and coded cabling for easy set-up.
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read moreBe your own booking agent. Technology and organization are the keys to success. As an artist or band, you can only saturate your local market for so long before you start to cannibalize your fan base. At some point down the road you will either need to expand your performance radius or simply reduce the number of local live shows. Attempting to expand out and do more traveling means more opportunities. Identifying possible gig opportunities in new markets is really just the tip of the iceberg: the real work starts once you find a location that seems like a good fit for your act.
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