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Pest Control Services in San Diego, CA Your home is one of the single biggest investments you will make in your life. Just like all of your other investments you need to be protected. When it comes to protecting your investment from destructive insects, we guarantee a safe, effective and professional job every time. Through years of education, training, modern technology and years of knowledge, we'll be capable to supply your home with the finest protection possible. Our sole goal is to make sure that we successfully supply homeowners like you with the finest pest protection available.

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read moreAllied Services was established in 1986. From the beginning, we have been locally owned, family operated and covers nearly all of San Diego County. We offer proven, environmentally conscious, affordable, yet EFFECTIVE solutions for your pest problems. Nearly all common non-termite pests are treatable with our application techniques. One of the most popular options we offer requires only four stops per year for control of ants and many other pest species. We use a wide variety of advanced technology exterminating products that we have evaluated in the field in order to verify their effectiveness.
Cockroach Control in San Diego
read moreWhen cockroach control first becomes a focus in your Home, Hotel or Motel, you may be overwhelmed by options. Elimination of this pest is difficult for the average consumer. Many of the over the counter remedies don't work well with each other, and can even make the problem worse. If you have tried to get rid of cockroaches by yourself and feel like it's time to call in a professional, make sure you let them know what you have tried. When they eat, they regurgitate their food spreading the bacterial or viral contents of their stomachs on various surfaces.
Effective Bed Bug Control in San
read moreLet Allied Services exterminate bed bugs for good. Our bed bug treatment and removal process have been tested and proven by our decades of successful bed bug pest control. We are used to the climate and seasons (or lack thereof) in San Diego County. When bed bug control first becomes a focus in your Home, Hotel or Motel, you may be overwhelmed by options. Any phone call to Allied Services will be answered by a certified structural pest control expert. That's right, even our operators are Branch 2 Field Representatives.
Flea Control Guaranteed in San
read moreCurrently the most common problems caused by fleas are the reactions to the bites on the skin. Some people have an allergic reaction which can cause extreme discomfort. Infections can result from excessive scratching due to skin irritation. Tapeworms can be transmitted by fleas due to accidental ingestion of the fleas. In other words, it is not a good idea to ignore flea problems. If you own pets, it is very important to treat your pet as part of a flea control program. The feedback we receive from pet owners indicates certain systemics seem to work the best.
Ant Control Services in San Diego
read moreDue to the advances in ant control technology, it is now possible to rid a structure of ants completely. In order to take advantage of these new technologies, our applications are much more thorough than the industry standard. Service frequencies may vary slightly; however, 4 visits per year are normally enough. Commercial Properties, Hotels or Motels may require a higher visitation rate because the land and building use is more intense. In California, there are several ant types to consider. For most customers, Harvester ants and Argentine ants make up the vast majority of ant problems in San Diego County.
Rodent Control Services in San
read moreRats and mice are very upsetting and can cause panic if they enter a home or business. The good news is that neither mice nor rats commonly attack people. However, left unchecked, they can cause damage to homes or buildings by chewing on contents, or on pipes and wires in the structure. Many times, fleas are also transmitted by the rodents so action should be taken when they are observed. Even if you only see the rodents or their droppings outside, the likelihood that they may try to enter the structure for food or habitat is quite high.
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