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Pest Control Services in San Diego, CA Termite/Pest Control has over 29 years of knowledge and promises to bring quality service to every job. We're a family run and operated firm that gives the finest estimates in Southern California. We currently have state licensed field technicians available 6 days a week ready to treat and exterminate any kind of termite, pest, or rodent control problem you may have. We provide a huge array of treatments, services, and maintenance programs for your convenience. In addition, we currently have in-house skilled carpenters building entire patios, decks, fascia boards, siding.

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About Us
read moreSince 1980, we have been protecting homes and investments from unwanted pest problems across Southern California. That means 35 years of experience! We service Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. Believe it or not, being an entrepreneur for Andy started at a very early age. Andy first became an entrepreneur at the tender age of 8 years old when he ran his own egg route in his neighborhood. Interestingly enough, his egg route was so successful that sometimes his mother borrowed money from Andy to pay the rent.
Maintenance Services
read moreWe offer a variety of maintenance services to control any pest, rodent, and/or termite problems you're dealing with. Monthly treatments are the most effective and best way to go if you have a severe infestation. On a monthly basis, we'll insure the protection of pest and/or rodent control problems in your home or business. If you have a history of wood destroying pest problems such as termites, dryrot, or fungi this is a great program. Annual treatment is offered for most varieties of termites, including drywood termites, subterranean termites, as well as other wood destroying organisms such as dryrot, fungi, and/or beetles.
read moreThere are a number of signs that suggest you need a roof repair. When inspecting for termites or other pests leaks or damp spots in the ceiling, curling shingles, mold, structure damage near drain pipes, or flashing pulled away can take hold. Our technician can inspect the damage and help point out wear and tear problem spots and determine the best procedure. We examine gutters, ventilation, flashing, chimneys, vent pipes, drainage, and attic conditions. We can identify leaks, isolate them, and make repairs to prevent bigger, more expensive problems.
Termite Control
read moreTermites destroy entire wood structures, homes, and buildings year after year, eating away the stability and integrity of your home. In addition to termites, there are several other wood destroying organisms that destroy wood structures. Our inspections include all wood destroying organisms such as: termites, beetles, fungi, dryrot, plus more. Fumigation: A tent is put over your home and gas is shot for the elimination of drywood termites. Fumigation duration takes 2.5 days. Sub Treatment: A technician comes to your property and treats the foundation, soil, and surrounding areas of the property for subterranean termites.
read moreWhether it is termites, dryrot, fungi, or beetles, after treatment your home may need some wood structural repairs. Repair Treatment: We have skilled carpenters on staff repairing everything from entire patios, decks, fascia boards, eaves, beams, flooring, doors, gazebos, and more. Not to mention, we paint too! Painting on the ground is better than painting on a 20-foot ladder. We can treat, paint, and put that 30-foot eave back on your 2-story home. You do not need to hire a painter. We offer this service for your convenience.
Rodent Control
read moreMany different species of rodents invade Southern California carrying diseases and viruses plus cause damage to homes, buildings, and landscapes. Our technicians will come out to your property 2-3 times, within a 30 day period and set-up traps plus plug and fill 1-3 small openings and remove the dead carcass. The procedure for mice or rats take about 1-2 hours each visit. Gophers can be very unpredictable. Depending on the damage created by the gophers or the size of the property, determines how long and how extensive the work will be.
read moreWe are a proud member of the Orange County Community Association Institute and have been treating entire neighborhoods for any problems with pest & termite control for 35 years. We have extensive experience treating entire golf courses with treatments of gophers at such places like Lake Arrowhead Country Club and Talega Golf Club. When planning a new construction, think of us. We've been offering preventative termite and other types of treatments to new construction sites for various clients.
read moreA: We offer maintenance service on a monthly, bi-monthly and yearly basis in order to insure the protection of pest & rodent control problems for both residential and commercial properties. A: We are proud members of the Orange County Association of Realtors, Laguna Beach Association of Realtors, San Diego Association of Realtors, and the OC Community Institute. A: We do not just treat individual residential homes, but also Homeowner Associations, Entire Neighborhoods, Commercial Businesses, Golf Courses, and New Construction Sites.
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