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Pest Control Services in San Diego, CA Ugh. Ants. If it feels like they are everywhere, it's only because they are. Almost. Ants can be found below sea level in Death Valley through altitudes of more than 14, 000 feet - at almost every latitude. Due to their adaptability and highly advanced sense of teamwork, ant populations today outnumber every other insect population on the planet. San Diego, Orange County and Riverside County are not immune. Throughout the year, we play host to a huge range of ant species.

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Lloyd Pest Control
read moreWe've been serving families in this community for more than 85 years. Our award-winning residential service options are convenient and affordable - and we offer instant online quotes. Our first customers in 1931 were businesses. Today we're still putting bugs our of business for restaurants, markets, warehouses, property managers, and more. Let our Commercial Account Manager visit you for a free on-site assessment. People have a lot of questions about termites. We have answers - and options! A Lloyd Pest Control termite inspector would love to visit your property and identify any signs of infestation, and help you toward a solution that works best for your family.
Pest Control in San Diego County
read moreAt Lloyd Pest Control, we're proud to call San Diego our home. We're honored to live in a city that has supported our family-owned business for over 80 years, and we hope to return the favor by providing excellence in pest control, so you can feel as comfortable in your home as you do at the beach.
Pest Control in Riverside & San
read moreWe love Southern California. We're stoked be able provide pest control services in what many consider paradise on Earth, but that's not to say that everything is perfect: we deal with traffic, the ever-present fear that an earthquake will break us off from the rest of the nation, and, of course, pests.
Roach Control
read moreCockroaches and sharks: two species that have evolved to stand the test of time. Both were around long before we came around, and both will probably linger long after humans are just piles of dust and iPhones. However, only one of these species will find its way into your home (unless we're talking about the dreaded Land Shark, in which case, you're going to need more firepower than Lloyd uses to exterminate them). Yes, roaches have been infesting people's homes and commercial spaces for as long as humans have existed, no doubt giving ancient cave-dwellers the heebie-jeebies.
Fly Control & Treatment in Southern
read moreOkay, sure, Geena Davis was referring to her boyfriend's slow, terrifying transformation into a six-foot human-fly when she uttered that famous line, but there's a little bit of truth to it when it comes to regular house lies. Because of their prevalence, we often regard the common housefly (Musca domestica) with little more than annoyance, but by doing that we're underestimating their hazardous potential. The first problem with houseflies can multiply exponentially, so even if they seem like minor irritations now, it can be a much bigger issue in a short amount of time.
Ant Control
read moreIf there's one thing that hasn't changed in the 60+ years since the release of them Them! - the 1954 horror movie about giant, radioactive ants - it's the heebie-jeebies we get from these insects. And they're everywhere! You can't spill a drop of soda without finding a horde of them a couple hours later, feasting on that sweetness. They get in our cupboards, in our laundry and even in our pet's food (there's nothing quite as sad as listening to little Whiskers meow at the ants in her kibble). But domestic and commercial settings are just the tip of the iceberg of places that ants like to populate.
Rodent Control
read moreOur world is full of bugs, vermin, and creepy-crawlies that want to share our living and work spaces. Some of them might not be as common as others, but Lloyd Pest Control's exterminators are skilled at handling just about anything quickly and efficiently, using only the most scientifically-advanced methods. When you see rodents in your home, you can either call Lloyd Pest Control immediately, or leave it up to your cat. Rats and mice carry disease, and can contaminate and deplete food stores, and should be dealt with as soon as possible.
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