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Veterinarians in Brockton, MA At the Brockton Animal Hospital it is our mission to be responsive to our customers' and patients' requirements, and compassionate in delivering best quality veterinary care. Our practice specializes in care for dogs, cats, and other companion pets, delivering for the requirements of our patients from birth through geriatric years. Brockton Animal Hospital has been a member of the community for nearly 50 years. Operating independently of huge corporate ownership, we supply quality medical and surgical care in a individual and professional setting.

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386 Belmont Street
Brockton, MA
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Brockton Animal Hospital
read moreBrockton Animal Hospital has been a privately owned business since its founding in 1957. As an established veterinary practice in operation for more than 60 years, Brockton Animal Hospital is not content to rest on our reputation. Instead, we choose to constantly reinvent ourselves, by innovating and providing our clients with the most advanced veterinary care available. We enjoy a clientele of long-standing friends and patients, and welcome new clients and patients every day. Along with dogs and cats, Brockton Animal Hospital enjoys all species of pets and treats all animal companions.
Surgical And Medical Treatments
read moreAt Brockton Animal Hospital we are fortunate to have doctors on site that possess a broad range of surgical interests. Rapidly expanding knowledge and significantly improved care in veterinary dentistry affords pets longer and healthier lives. Kidney and heart disease have a direct link to poor dental health. Responding to increased demand for less invasive treatment options we expanded our capabilities in integrative medical therapies. Our approach reduces dependence on many traditional medications, eliminating many concerns over side effects.
Dental Care & Teeth Cleaning
read moreAs in humans, pets' teeth need regular care. Dogs and cats require similar teeth cleaning to us, except that sedation is required. Because of this we tend to wait longer than the six-month interval that is common in people. Current research, however, shows that dogs' and cats' teeth are actually more pain sensitive than ours yet pets tend not show discomfort in the same obvious ways as humans. As a result, it can be difficult to judge if your pets are in need of dental care. At the Brockton Animal Hospital, our staff can show you how to best take care of your pets' teeth at home as well as what to look for if you suspect there is a problem.