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Environmental Company in Boulder, CO Set up in 1995, CENTURY draws on years of knowledge from seasoned specialists. CENTURY Is committed to the best standards in regards to data quality, statistical interpretation and accurate results. Typically, budgetary sensitivity is absent from standard environmental analysis. CENTURY blends the need to manage risks into tools for decision-making. Budgeted dollars cannot solve every problem; thus, it is necessary to focus on what is essential. Then, available resources are better spent solving the problem.

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Century Environmental Hygiene
read moreMission: Providing cost-effective & quality-oriented environmental, health, and safety services.
About Us
read moreCentury and AWET are dedicated to providing high quality and cost effective solutions to the myriad of environmental concerns faced by industry, government agencies, individuals, homeowners, property managers, contractors, facility managers, and others. What is unique about Century and AWET is our approach, through our commitment to keeping a knowledgeable and dedicated staff, which seeks to stay on the cutting edge of evolving issues. Our practice uses the best new technologies in environmental assessment, incorporating new models, ideas, and information as well as new approaches, some of which we developed, tested, or published.
Innovative Environmental Assessments
read moreModern science is continuously uncovering new suspected environmental hazards as well as new methods for evaluating them. Clients need consultants like Century that are on the lookout for, and contributing to, the development of superior methods that characterize exposure and conditions more accurately, faster, and less expensively than what was used previously. The U.S. Air Force contracted with a general/abatement contractor to perform lead abatement and re-construction of 155 houses at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, WY.
read moreMold Evaluations are performed when mold is not evident, using a variety of diagnostic techniques including test holes, boroscope, IR camera, moisture meters, and sampling via air, tape, swab, or bulk. The extent of the mold growth is determined, measures and procedures for remediation are developed, and the project is overseen and tested to ensure correct implementation. Mold Testing is performed to determine if an unknown mold issue may be present, to characterize types of mold, determine airborne concentrations, or provide documentation on current conditions.
read moreWe have assisted with situations that range the full gamut from nuisance complaints to full building evacuations. Using the best technology available, it is sometimes possible to simply rule out the more common potential contributors to IAQ discomfort, or to detect a chemical or cause of an actual issue. These assessments can incorporate a variety of levels or types of elements as described below.
Asbestos Testing and Consulting
read moreWhat has to be tested, and how, varies with the scope of the project. We are thoroughly familiar with all regulations and interpretations thereof to classify materials properly, to make sure abatement is sufficient but not excessive. Our inspections are quite incisive and we are known for excellent timeliness and accuracy. For example, a recent inspection that resulted in a large abatement project (over $1 million) was accompanied by only 0.3% in change orders for additional material. CAD drawings are available when needed.
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