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Environmental Company in Boulder, CO GeoWater Services is the biggest complete service private water well consulting and equipment service firm serving the Colorado mountain communities, the Denver Metropolitan and the Colorado Front Range. Established in 1997 on the belief that our clients deserve a one stop source for all of their private well water requirements, GeoWater Services is dedicated to delivering a complete solution for each project. Whether replacing a minor part in an existing system or designing and installing a comprehensive well water system, no project is too huge or too tiny.

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Water Quality Testing & Lab Services
read moreAs a State of Colorado certified drinking water laboratory (3), GeoWater Service has designed a number of cost effective drinking water testing packages. Although not designed to encompass all EPA Primary or Secondary level contaminants, our packages are designed cost effective approach to the most commonly encountered drinking water contaminants.
Water Well Pumps & Equipment
read moreThe submersible well pump, pressure tank, variable speed controller (see constant pressure below) and related equipment provide the backbone of any water well system. Installed down the well column, submersible pump quality is of critical importance. Although brass, cast iron and even plastic composite pumps are available, stainless steel is the industry standard. However, all stainless steel pumps are not created equal. Many pumps claim stainless steel construction. In most cases, only the external sleeve and possibly the discharge are of stainless steel construction.
Water Well System Design
read moreThe decision on whom to trust with the design and installation of your new water system is an important one. Decisions made on the front-end can have a dramatic impact on your house water flow and pressure, as well as the overall quality of your house drinking water supply. A well thought-out, systematic approach to water system design ensures the best overall system performance for any budget level. GeoWater Services, the only full service "one stop" water well services company in the Front Range mountain area, is uniquely suited to assist you with all aspects of the design and installation process.
Water Storage Systems
read moreThis is a common problem with low water producing private wells. The fundamental problem is that peak water use (morning showers, etc.) exceeds the combined storage and water production capacity of the well. Water storage and re-pressurization systems can be a viable solution for just this situation. In a standard water storage system, well water is stored in an external water storage tank (in-house or underground), with a pump to deliver water from the storage system to the household. Storing the water prior to use provides a "buffer" so that during peak use, enough water is available to support all water needs.
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