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Environmental Company in Boulder, CO We perform one free Scouting Report (lawn check up) for all of our new full season clients (4 or more lawn applications with fertilizer) We take the extra time to blow off your sidewalk and patios, therefore your property is neat and tidy. We're organized. If you schedule an application for the fifth of April we'll do the work on the fifth of April (weather permitting) We supply a courtesy reminder call or email two days before the application is performed to assist you remember to keep your pets and kids off the lawn.

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1859 75th Street
Boulder, CO
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Organo Lawn
read moreOrgano-Lawn is a professional lawn care service and tree care company, which was founded in 1997. Organo-Lawn specializes in chemical-free lawn care and environmentally friendly tree care services. Our people and pet friendly organic lawn care products allow us to control weeds in a lawn without using dangerous lawn chemicals. Organo-Lawn is the only local lawn care service that can provide organic lawn care services, natural weed killers and organic fertilization that are extremely effective. Organo-Lawn is a professional lawn and tree care service headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and we provide expert lawn care services and tree care services in the following Front Range cities: Arvada, Berthoud, Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Firestone, Fort Collins (Ft Collins), Frederick, Golden, Lafayette, Laporte, Longmont, Louisville, Loveland, Lyons, Mead, Niwot, Superior, Wellington, Westminster, and Windsor, Colorado.
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read moreOrgano-Lawn is a professional tree care service that uses environmentally friendly products and techniques to control insects on trees. Both of Organo-Lawn's Boulder and Fort Collins branches do not spray chemical pesticides into the air. Organo-Lawn does not aerial spray insecticides, the good news is that we can cure 99%+ of soil drench or direct trunk injection. We push for reducing pesticide usage and we believe that if we can cure or prevent an insect from attacking a tree simply by correcting improper lawn watering, we will recommend a sprinkler audit instead of a chemical application.
Best Lawn Care Services in Boulder
read moreOrgano-Lawn has been providing local lawn treatment services for the Boulder and Fort Collins area since 1997. Organo-Lawn's approach to lawn care is different than most national and chemical local lawn care service companies. Organo-Lawn believes that if the soil is healthy then the lawn and trees will be healthy. To create a healthy soil Organo-Lawn believes in proper lawn watering practices, the use of only natural and organic lawn care products, proper lawn mowing, core aeration, and Humate soil conditioners.
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