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College in Everett, WA A person's intelligence used to be clearly delineated between being considered 'streetwise' or academically successful. People either went to an institute of higher learning soon after graduating high school or they relied on their street smarts to make their way in the world. But there's a new type of savvy to strive for - we call it Citywise - and it comes from an exceptional blend of experiences, both in and out of the classroom.

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1000 Southeast Everett Mall Wy # 101
Everett, WA
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City University
read moreCity University of Seattle is proud to be an affiliate institution of the nonprofit National University System, which also includes Northcentral University and National University. When you pursue your education at National University System affiliate institutions, you can benefit from programmatic pathways, allowing you to build on your degree program and gain specializations or degrees while saving time and tuition. From associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees to doctoral programs, National University System offers hundreds of academic programs, across a variety of learning environments, that are designed to help you stand out and get ahead in your field of interest.
About Us
read moreOur commencement ceremonies are held every June and allow us to commemorate the accomplishments of our students and congratulate them on completing their degrees. Several City University of Seattle sites worldwide hold Commencement ceremonies and CityU students studying outside the U.S. may choose to attend the U.S. ceremony, held in Seattle. To participate in Commencement you must first apply to graduate. This can be done at the Student Center in the Portal online. Once you have applied online or sent in the paper application to the Registrar, your academic record will be audited to determine eligibility to graduate and thus, eligibility to participate in Commencement.
Student Services and Information
read moreAt CityU, we take pride in making sure our students have everything they need to be successful. That's why we offer a host of student support services and resources to help you stay on track to graduation and reach your goals, including academic and career services, housing assistance, student clubs, Counseling Center, and more. Are you a current student? Check out the information below for important information on our academic calendar, commencement, and library services. Visit our Student Portal for information about day-to-day activities, Blackboard support, university announcements, and more.
read moreWhile we aren't yet able to celebrate at a traditional graduation event, your accomplishments in finishing your program of study have not been forgotten. Sincerest congratulations for everything you've overcome in reaching the finish line. We hope that you'll stay connected via our alumni online community - CityU Connect. Membership is free and you'll have access to a wealth of alumni resources. In light of these trying times and recent layoffs, we encourage our students and alumni to utilize our resources on the CityU Career Center portal and on the CityU Connect Alumni Community to get help with your career path, resume and cover letter creation, LinkedIn account, interviewing skills, and job search.
read moreCityU faculty are highly regarded practitioners who bring real-life experience to the learning environment. We consider students to be collaborative partners in the creation of learning opportunities. One copy each will be given to the student and program director or course manager. Form by the specified deadline will be interpreted as consenting to the charge and sanction. In Europe, students not satisfied with the instructor's response must then initiate a formal grade appeal. Council (WSAC) who has authority to investigate student complaints against specific schools.
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