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Massage Therapist in Boulder, CO Our Psychotherapists offer personal, relationship, sex and family counseling services, and we work with adults, parents and kids to support behavioral and emotional change. Our mission is to improve family relationships, reduce conflict and to aid customers to feel more excited in their life and work. Therapists use cognitive and body-centered methods that aid you create lasting change at a root level. Therapist backgrounds include personal and family Gestalt psychotherapy, EMDR (trauma) Therapy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Somatic & Body-Mind Centering techniques, Perinatal Psychology.

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Colorado Therapies
read moreColorado Therapies, LLC consists of independent practitioners who offer a complete array of services in traditional and complimentary health fields. Our services promote a comprehensive approach to emotional and physical healing and we offer services for all ages and health needs. We believe in a team approach and we will work cooperatively with you to create lasting changes in your healthcare needs. Colorado Therapies is a treatment center committed to meeting your needs. Our therapists offer state of the art treatments, are community minded, and look beyond symptoms to get to the root of issues and treat the whole person.
Autism and Aspergers Syndrome
read moreAutism typically appears during the first three years of life. It is a developmental disability and neurological disorder that interferes with the brain's ability to process information. Children who cannot send accurate signals to caretakers often struggle socially. These signals make communication effective. Autism takes away the instinctive part of parenting and leaves parents wondering what to do to help their child. It disrupts the quality of life for families. Qualified therapists offer a variety of options to help improve the quality of life for the children and families affected by autism.
read moreThere are complex variables to take into account when answering this question. Trust your concerns as a parent, especially if you notice that your child responds differently or excessively in ways that seem strange to you. Your concern warrants further investigation. We believe that parents are the experts on their children, and we encourage families to ask questions and to get evaluations. Our professionals are able to evaluate this question, and then provide feedback and treatment for such disorders.
Communication Issues
read moreThere are developmental guidelines around speaking by a certain age range that are considered normal. For instance, many children should start attempting to say their first words at around 1 year and begin to pair words around their second year of life. Our professionals can help you to determine if a language or speech delay is present for your child. Contact us for a simple screening to find out more information. You can also find developmental guidelines on the Internet and in books.
Sharon Kocina MA LPC
read moreIf you are here on my page, it's because you are hurting. Something is causing you to be stuck and is preventing you from thriving and enjoying your life! I can help you break the log jam. I can free you from the repetitive, detrimental patterns in your life and enable you to find positive and helpful approaches to old problems. Our work together will be very strengths-based and collaborative. That means we look at what you have been doing that has helped and apply it to getting through your challenges.
read moreSensory processing involves balance, listening, integration, sense of touch, movement, and smell. Children may be skilled in one area yet may be struggling or compensating in other areas. An assessment will help determine the underlying struggles your child has, and can help you to develop a plan of supportive interventions. These are terms that speak to the ability to process information in the body, specifically the 5 senses. Touch, sound, general tissue tone, pressure, body position, sight, and smell all underlie the ability to attend, think, and stay in relationships.
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